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Gov't Requests Funds for Senior Home Equity Program

By Alan Zibel -- AP Real Estate Writer
WASHINGTON (AP) — Falling home prices have forced the government to ask Congress for a $798 million taxpayer subsidy to prop up a program that lets senior citizens tap the equity in their homes.

Fannie Mae Seeks $19B in U.S. Aid

By Alan Zibel -- AP Real Estate Writer
WASHINGTON (AP) — Fannie Mae issued a grave warning about its future, saying it needs $19 billion in additional government aid as job losses grow and risky loans made during the housing boom go bad at an unnerving pace.

Weekly Mortgage Outlook: May 11

By Brian O’Connell
It’s spring, a time when economic indicators take a back seat to the calendar, and a time when mortgage rates historically rise again.

What to Expect When Your ARM Resets

By Staff
You bought at the top of the market and used an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) to finance your loan. You figured you would just refinance when the fixed rate period was over. But now that home prices have fallen so dramatically, it’s harder to refinance. So what do you do if your ARM is about to reset?

How the Fed is Helping Slash Mortgage Rates

By Brian O’Connell
The Federal Reserve may not have moved interest rates last week, but it has continued an oft-overlooked program that has kept downward pressure on mortgage rates. It’s all about buying mortgage-backed securities -- $1.25 trillion’s worth.

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