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Deals on Wheels: Auto Loans at 5.0% or Under

By Brian O’Connell
With the average rate for a traditional five-year car loan around 7%, potential car buyers may feel they’re spinning their wheels.

Understanding Car Warranties and Repair Options

By Staff
When you buy or lease a new car, it always comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. This is a basic warranty that covers all of the car’s systems. The length of the warranty varies between manufacturers, but most automakers offer at least a three-year or 36,000 mile basic warranty.

Should You Tune Up Your Auto Insurance Policy?

By Staff
Your car gets regular maintenance … oil changes, tire rotation and engine checks, but what about your auto insurance policy?

Chrysler Offers Incentives to Counter Sales Slump

By Dan Strumpf -- AP Auto Writer
NEW YORK (AP) — Chrysler said Wednesday it is offering up to $6,000 worth of incentives on its 2009 cars and trucks as it races to emerge from bankruptcy protection and counter a prolonged U.S. sales slump.

Buying a New Car? Deduct the Sales Tax!

By Staff
If you are shopping for a new car, the federal government wants to give you some money.

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Should you Buy or Lease your next vehicle

Leasing, rather than buying a vehicle, can be a good option for some. If you lease, your monthly payments will be smaller than if you financed the purchase. Leasing, however, requires some contractual obligations, so it isn't right for everyone. To determine what makes sense for you, answer the questions below.

Should you pay off that car loan sooner?

Increasing your monthly payment can save you money in interest and shorten the term of your loan. This early auto loan payment calculator helps you determine both, depending on the amount you add each month

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