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Student Checking Accounts: Pros and Cons
By: Staff
Checking accounts that are designed with students in mind can be very helpful financial learning tools with decreased risk. These accounts are usually set up to protect students as they learn how to manage money, balance personal budgets and build healthy records of credit. However, there are also some pitfalls to be aware of when opening them. Read more»
College graduates, who have an average of $22,000 in student-loan debt and face a bleak job market, are learning that a degree doesn't always pay for itself. Read more»
Strategies for Student Loan Forbearance
By: Staff
During hard economic times, many people are looking to reduce their monthly debt from utility bills, credit cards and other living expenses. Student loans can be a major expense that can be temporarily relieved with forbearance of payments. Student loan forbearance allows you to suspend your federal or private loan payments due to certain pre-determined circumstances. Read more»
Many people hit by the layoffs are still paying off student loans. Read more»
Graduating from college is an exciting time, but if you’re like many recent grads, you probably have thousands of dollars in student loans. Read more»
Finding the Right 529 College Savings Plan
By: Staff
By StaffSince 529 college savings plans were first introduced under the Small Business Job Protection Act of 1996, millions of accounts have been created. Read more»
By Staff529 college savings plans are accounts set aside by parents, grandparents or guardians to pay for the future tuition of young children. Read more»
Saving for College at Every Age
By: Staff
By Althea ChangFinancial advisors say retirement savings should take priority over saving for your child’s college education, but, especially in this economic climate, it may be difficult to contribute to your 401(k) or IRA alone, let alone to college savings. Read more»
Getting Creative With College Loans
By: Staff
By Brian O’Connell Getting a decent college loan these days isn’t easy. The recession has triggered a tighter credit market and many lenders are deciding to opt out of the college lending market altogether.   Read more»
Learn How to Reduce Student Loan Debt
By: Staff
By Carl WinfieldAs the economy slides and the job market continues to tank, many students have resigned themselves to a lifetime of debt. But there is hope for students who are facing decades of student loan payments. Read more»
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