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You say you’re unhappy with your 529 college savings plan? You’re not alone. Many investors are disgusted with the big losses their plans suffered, and industry data shows substantially less money flowing into these plans this year compared to two or three years ago. Read more»
Congress and the White House are working on new proposals that would keep college 529 plan expenses down, widen the use of such funds and possibly even allow parents to do what was once unthinkable – cross state lines to get the best deals, while still getting favorable state tax benefits. Read more»
Bank and other private lenders are saying “no mas” to student loans, making the federal government the de facto college loan lender in the U.S. Why are private lenders taking a hike, and what does that mean to student loan borrowers? Read more»
If you’re stuck paying down student loans, and need to catch your breath, a loan consolidation may be in the cards. But before you sign on the dotted line, you’ll have to weight the pros and cons first. Read more»
It’s bad enough that tuition for a four-year college can cost north of $100,000 – but that’s all the more reason parents should take a hard look at not just college costs, but also at the cost of preparing for college. Read more»
It’s not easy, but there are some effective, if well-hidden, ways for college students to qualify for financial aid – even in a recessionary environment where credit is tighter than a college quarterback’s spiral. Whether it’s via lower student loan interest or through beefier grants or scholarships, here’s a road map to some serious student financial aid treasures. Read more»
It’s not even Labor Day yet, but school is starting across the country, and college bursar offices are busy recording tuition payments. If you’re still looking to close the gap on college costs, make these last-ditch (but smart) college fund moves. Read more»
With private lenders fleeing the scene, thanks to ongoing lousy credit conditions, credit unions are increasingly picking up the slack in a market they’ve long avoided – student loans. Here’s a road map on how to get the best student loan deal from credit unions. Read more»
All You Need to Know About PLUS Loans
By: Staff
The cost of college can be hugely expensive for students and parents alike. The majority of the financial burden, however, often falls on the parents, since they are older and have hopefully been saving up for their child’s education. As a matter of fact, for many parents, it is expected that they will have to foot the bill for the entire cost of the child’s education. Read more»
For college students, the amount of AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) reported by parents can greatly affect how much money is awarded in financial aid packages. Sometimes, parents make too much money to allow their children to receive need-based grants and loans from the federal government and from university funds. Read more»
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