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With private lenders fleeing the scene, thanks to ongoing lousy credit conditions, credit unions are increasingly picking up the slack in a market they’ve long avoided – student loans. Here’s a road map on how to get the best student loan deal from credit unions. Read more»
All You Need to Know About PLUS Loans
By: Staff
The cost of college can be hugely expensive for students and parents alike. The majority of the financial burden, however, often falls on the parents, since they are older and have hopefully been saving up for their child’s education. As a matter of fact, for many parents, it is expected that they will have to foot the bill for the entire cost of the child’s education. Read more»
For college students, the amount of AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) reported by parents can greatly affect how much money is awarded in financial aid packages. Sometimes, parents make too much money to allow their children to receive need-based grants and loans from the federal government and from university funds. Read more»
Private vs. Public Students Loans
By: Staff
Paying for college is never a simple proposition – the rising costs of tuition and other related educational expenses are enough to make many parents find alternative ways to fund their child’s education. Read more»
All You Need to Know About Perkins Loans
By: Staff
There are several federal programs that provide loans to students who demonstrate financial need and Federal Perkins loans are some of the most commonly utilized public funds. Named after former House of Representatives member Carl D. Perkins, these loans are offered at a low, fixed interest rate of 5%. These loans are backed by the government in case of default, which makes them much easier to obtain than many private loans. Read more»
Help for Crushing Student Debt
By: Miranda Marquit
The cost of a higher education continues to rise, and many students find that even if they get scholarships and/or grants crushing student loan debt often comes with that shiny new degree.The good news is that there is help paying back those student loans, if you know where to look.Income Based Repayment Plan Read more»
Learn More About Stafford Loans
By: Staff
Federal Stafford loans are products designed to help college students pay for tuition at public and private institutions. These loans are offered at competitive, fixed interest rates to those students who have demonstrated financial need. Read more»
Whether they’ve had incomes or not, credit card companies have typically lured in college students, aiming to make them customers for life.The SceneAt one time, “financial institutions were flinging large balance possibilities at students,” says Chairman and credit expert Adam Levin. Read more»
Calculating Student Loan Interest Rates
By: Staff
Student loans can be used for much more than just tuition. These funds can also be applied to expenses for transportation, housing, food, books, supplies, lab fees and computers. Private student loans are available from a wide variety of sources and interest rates can vary greatly from lender to lender and from borrower to borrower. Read more»
Sallie Mae and the Student Loan Process
By: Staff
Sallie Mae (Stock Quote: SLM) is the largest student loan lender in the United States. Also known as SLM Corporation, Sallie Mae provides funding for more than 10 million borrowers. This company works mainly through the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) to provide government-guaranteed student loans, although they do fund private loans as well. Read more»
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