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For decades, even centuries, private colleges have won both the public relations war and the college admissions war against public schools. But these days, the better value may be the other way around. Read more»
As with any complicated financial dealings, there are some pretty obvious ways to screw up when getting a student loan. These include things like not filling out the FAFSA form correctly or taking the first offer before shopping around. Those are common errors. Read more»
Citigroup Shedding Student Loan Business
By: The Associated Press
By Mark Jewell, AP Business Writer BOSTON (AP) — Citigroup Inc. said Friday it is selling its student loan business and about $32 billion in related assets to Discover Financial Services and the student lender Sallie Mae, Citi's latest move to focus on its core consumer banking business. Read more»
Uncle Sam’s new rules are putting a stop to for-profit college abuses, but the schools won’t go down without a fight. The federal government has been shoving “for-profit” colleges around pretty forcefully in 2010. But some private schools are saying "enough is enough." Could heavier lobbying by such institutions change the student lending landscape, and what will that mean to college-bound Americans? Read more»
Welcome to MainStreet's newest series. Each week, we will answer a real question from readers on education costs and how to pay for college. If you have a question, feel free to send it to Read more»
A new book offers advice for college students looking to save their parents’ retirement and financial well-being. Read more»
Aside from a fresh diploma, the typical graduating senior leaves college with something not as nice: a mountain of debt. Read more»
By Eric Gorski, AP Education Writer Hoping to portray themselves as more affordable and all-around better neighbors, private colleges from Appalachia to Boston are sweetening financial aid packages for students from their own backyards. Read more»
Financing a college education is tough business these days, so any way to get a loan is normally viewed as a positive step. But co-signing a student loan is really pushing one’s luck. The good news is Congress is taking steps to crystallize what obligations a co-signer takes on with these loans. Read more»
Most U.S. parents worry about saving enough to send their kids to college. That’s understandable, but there’s another potential problem — borrowing more than you actually need and incurring larger debt as a result. Here’s a “Goldilocks” approach to college loan borrowing — not too much, and not too little. Read more»
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