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Reading Financial Aid Letters and Save Big Money on College
By: Brian O'Connell
NEW YORK (sbup) — The average cost of attending a public university is about $28,000, and the average cost of a private university is $55,000. Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — Student loan debt is second-highest among household debt expenditures (behind mortgage debt and just ahead of credit card debt) at an average of $32,264 per household. In total, Americans owe $1.3 billion in student loan debt, up 8% from 2013 to last year. Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — As a last-minute holiday gift, a 529 college savings plan has a lot going for it, especially for a generous grandparent or friend. These tax-free accounts offer something of real value. And for those scrambling to meet a deadline, the signup and contribution can be done online. Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — Jan. 1 isn't just the first date on the calendar, it's also the first date you can submit your Free Application For Federal Student Aid application for college funds. Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — With total U.S. Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — Imagine being 50 and still owing money on your college student loans. That's no nightmare scenario — it's a sad expectation for potentially millions of Americans, according to Vital Source Technologies, a Nashville, Tenn., e-textbook provider. Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — Readers of a certain age may remember the old Monty Python song, Always Look on the Bright Side of Life — sung by men hanging on the cross. Like them, college students can now look at the bright side of their debt burdens: Paying on time can boost a young person's credit rating. Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — Student loan debt now surpasses $1.2 trillion, higher than any other consumer debt save for home mortgages, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Read more»
5 College Loan Repayment Myths
By: Brian O'Connell
NEW YORK (sbup) — The end of April signals a big decision for millions of high school seniors: What college or university will they call home for the next four years? In most cases, their parents will have a big say, as in many cases they’ll be paying for that college education. Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — Parents of college-aged children know Jan. 1 isn’t just the first date of the new year — as the “shotgun start” to the college financial aid process, it’s much more important than that. That’s the day the all-important Free Application for Federal Student Aid form can be sent out. Read more»
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