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What Happens When a Brokerage Fails
By: Staff
By Philip Van DoornWhen headlines were screaming about problems at E*Trade's (ETFC) bank unit, depositors weren't the only ones unnerved. Word of the S&L's home-equity loan exposure and writedown of asset-backed securities also sparked a run on E*Trade's discount brokerage accounts. E*Trade stated that investors pulled a net $7 billion from both bank and brokerage accounts month to date, through Nov. 27.   Read more»
By Suzanne Barlyn/ Read more»
Gifts to Make Your Kids Rich
By: Staff
By Jeffrey Strain/ This holiday season, why not give something to your children that can make them wealthy? While these gifts may not bring the instant screams of joy that a new video game or other trendy toy may produce, over the long run these personal finance gifts -- and the lessons that they teach -- could become among the most memorable and appreciated. If you really want to help your kids learn to become wealthy, here are a few gift ideas: Read more»
How to Defend Your Home Office Deduction
By: Staff
Some taxpayers balk at taking the home office deduction because they worry that it's seen as a red flag for IRS auditors. Others fear the costs associated with the deduction when you sell a house. You're allowed to claim depreciation on your office space every year. As a result, when you sell, the IRS will collect taxes on a portion of the profit derived from the office space. Making the right decision depends on several factors.   Read more»
Overdraft Outrage: Readers Blast Back
By: Staff
Does overdrawing my checking account mean that I'm a lazy, inept financial manager or an otherwise responsible account holder who just dropped the ball?   It depends on whom you ask. A recent column about the sting of $170 in fees arising from my overdrawn checking account -- and my call for legislation that would require banks to notify their customers of overdrafts electronically, instead of via snail mail -- certainly caught readers' attention.   Read more»
How to Prioritize Debt
By: Staff
When money gets tight and there isn't enough to go around, people sometimes begin to panic when it comes to prioritizing outstanding debts.   Read more»
Don't Stress Over Holiday Air Travel
By: Staff
The holiday season is upon us, which means that many people will be traveling to visit relatives or to take a vacation. Packing, crowded airports, cramped seating and long waits can make one of the most stressful times of the year even more so. If you are going to be traveling this holiday season, use the following tips to plan your trip, save money and make your journey more comfortable. Read more»
No Prenup? Take These Steps
By: Staff
Turn up the lights, turn down the music and forget about romance.   It's time to face the business side of marriage. Cold as that may sound, the Census Bureau recently released data that should make even the most blissfully married couples forget pheromones and focus on finances.   Read more»
'Payday' Lenders Don't Pay
By: Staff
Payday loans tempt consumers with a little extra cash before their next paycheck arrives, but with average interest rates that exceed 400%, it's difficult to call them anything other than legalized loan sharking. The Washington, D.C. City Council last month voted to eliminate an exemption to district law requiring a 24% cap on consumer loans. Several states, including Ohio, also are considering payday loan interest rate caps this year, the Center for Responsible Lending says. The U.S. Read more»
How to Earn $1 Million by Not Watching TV
By: Staff
A recent study found that it would take $1 million for someone to be willing to give up TV for the rest of their lives.   Read more»
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