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Looking for something original to get your spouse for Valentine's Day, after years of the proverbial red roses, saccharine cards, chocolate-covered strawberries and diamond pendants? Something that really comes from the heart? How about a postnuptial agreement? OK, well maybe not. But... Read more»
Six Birthdays You'll Either Love or Hate
By: Staff
When we're young there's always a birthday to look forward to, whether it's getting a drivers license at 16 or being able to buy a drink at 21. But there comes a point where most people stop looking forward to the next birthday.   Read more»
No longer are credit unions simply mom-and-pop operations. Increasingly they are becoming full-service financial providers with product portfolios that can compete with banks. And more people have access to their services: many now serve communities rather than specific company employees. Read more» regularly goes in search of the best rates for various banking products.   Read more»
Seven Ways to Prepare for a Layoff
By: Staff
Job security is a dodgy notion.  Just ask employees at Yahoo!. They're waiting out rumors that the tech giant will slash hundreds, or possibly thousands, of jobs to increase profitability and help rejuvenate its stock price. The Yahoo! layoffs aren't likely to be an isolated event in the coming year.  With the economy teetering on the edge of recession and showing signs of an economic slowdown, so-called secure jobs really aren't.   Read more»
Just Put It on My 401(k) Debit Card
By: Staff
Borrowing against your nest egg is becoming as easy as stopping at an ATM.   A growing number of companies now offer employees the option of being issued a debit card that taps a 401(k) loan. The card, called ReservePlus, allows workers to withdraw funds from their 401(k)s. The immediate concern for consumers is that impulse spending desires could trump their long-term savings needs.   Read more»
You're Not Saving Enough. Here's Why
By: Staff
According to the latest available figures from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, the personal savings rate for November 2007 was negative 0.5% of disposable income. That means for every $100 a person earned, that person ended up spending $100.50, or 0.5% more than he or she earned.   Read more»
I'm shuddering at the moment -- from heat, not wintertime cold.  That's because my heating-oil company just made another delivery -- and thinking about my energy bill gives me the shakes. A $462 check I wrote last month to cover my first oil delivery -- about 145 gallons -- reflected continuing news about rising oil prices. I'm expecting a $400 bill any day for my second delivery.  And it's only the middle of January.   Read more»
It's one of life's ironies that retailers try to lure you into their stores with low prices, only to do everything in their power to make sure you spend more than you intended once you're inside.   Read more»
Five Ways to Build Wealth in 2008
By: Staff
It's time to set your goals for 2008 and map out your financial strategy for the year to come.  Part of that strategy should be to find ways to increase your wealth. This is important because it allows you to spend your time the way you choose, doing the things you enjoy more than listening to other people tell you what they want you to do. You can take a number of steps that will have a large impact. Here are five that should be on your list:   Read more»
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