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Regulators Close Two More Banks
By: Staff
Franklin Bank SSB of Houston and Security Pacific Bank of Los Angeles turned over to FDIC as receiver.  State regulators closed two more banks Friday, bringing to 19 the number of U.S. banks and thrifts that have gone under this year.   Read more»
Time for you to recession proof your life!Recent labor statistics indicate that more U.S. workers are putting in for jobless benefits than expected. Read more»
Calculate Retirement With Confidence
By: Staff
By Peter McDougall If worries are mounting over the status of your retirement savings, take a few minutes to figure out how your current situation translates into retirement income. One place to start: the Retirement Income Calculator from Read more»
Take the Sting Out of ATM Fees
By: Staff
Spring is on the horizon and it is a perfect time to look at areas of your financial life that could use a little dusting.  One bank statement-cluttering culprit that can be easily swept away? Many people consider ATM fees a small inconvenience. Actually, they can be a huge drain on your finances. Read more»
Risks and Rewards of Loyalty Programs
By: Staff
Shoppers' keychains and wallets are flush with "loyalty" passes that offer discounts and deals from all kinds of places -- department stores, airlines, grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations.But before signing up for yet another shopping pass, you might want to consider the risks and rewards. Read more»
How to Survive Losing Your Job
By: Staff
Worries about job loss always seem to accompany a sinking economy. Will you know how to survive financially if you're next in line for a pink slip? Read more»
Is Your 401(k) Plan Ripping You Off?
By: Staff
There might be some ripoffs lurking in your 401(k). Will you have to work an extra three years before retiring, in order to overcome the drag of excessive fees in your 401(k) account? Will your annual retirement income be reduced by $3,100 a year because your company 401(k) plan contains funds that charge high annual expenses? Are you willing to save an extra $800 a year to make up for the fact that your company has a retirement plan that has an extra half of one percent in costs each year? Read more»
It's already February, and I still haven't redeemed many of my family's holiday gift cards. In fact, families like mine are one reason for retailers' January slump. Last week, Wal-Mart (WMT) blamed slow gift-card redemptions as one cause for its measly 0.5% increase in January same-store sales, or sales at stores open at least a year, when excluding fuel sales. Read more»
Eight Sure-Fire Ways to Sock Away $100
By: Staff
Let the economic pundits argue whether or not we're in a recession.  Either way, consumers are cutting back on spending. Along with this comes a desire to save money as well. But how? If you have a few hours to spare you can find ways to put $100 or more back into your pocket. Read more»
Love and money are a potentially explosive combination. Just ask any divorce lawyer. This year, the average Romeo or Juliet plans to spend about $123 (an average of $163 by men and an average of $85 by women) on Valentine's Day, according to the National Retail Federation. Read more»
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