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Americans' saving more, spending less
By: Staff
By Martin CrutsingerWASHINGTON (AP) — Americans are hunkering down and saving more. For a recession-battered economy, it couldn't be happening at a worse time. Economists call it the "paradox of thrift." What's good for individuals — spending less, saving more — is bad for the economy when everyone does it.  Read more»
Dear Saver: Keep Up The Good Work
By: Staff
By sbup Staff Consumers are tightening their purse strings, and the consumer-based economy is grinding to a halt as a result. The return to frugality may be bad news for the economy as a whole, but for individuals, it’s the surest route to long-term financial stability. Read more»
How to safely exceed FDIC insurance limits
By: Staff
By Philip van Doorn - sbup Read more»
Saving money takes planning
By: Staff
By Staff Saving money can be hard without a specific goal in mind. But even then, it takes more than a goal and good intentions to keep your savings plan on track. Once you've worked up a budget and figured out how much you can set aside each month, here are a few things to consider. Read more»
The Best U.S. Banks and Thrifts Now
By: Staff
Philip Van Doorn The Ratings grades 40 banks and thrifts with a financial strength rating of A+. Here's a rundown and some standouts. Read more»
Choosing the right savings account
By: Staff
By Staff There are plenty of choices available for saving money, so why bother with a savings account that barely pays any interest?Reason: They’re convenient and easy to use -- and often cheaper than other savings alternatives. While money markets and certificates of deposit (CDs) typically require high minimum balances and impose transaction limits, savings accounts are a simple, no-fuss way to set aside a little money. Read more»
By Peter McDougall   A sbup calculator can help you figure out how much to stash away for a rainy day.Many experts say that you should set aside anywhere from three to six months worth of expenses in case you lose your job, incur hefty medical costs or otherwise find yourself unexpectedly short of cash. Read more»
By Peter McDougall Read more»
NEW YORK (AP) _ The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. said Tuesday the list of banks it considers to be in trouble shot up nearly 50 percent to 171 during the third quarter — yet another sign of escalating problems among the institutions controlling Americans' deposits. Read more»
Saying 'Thanks' Costs Nothing, but Pays Off
By: Staff
At this time of year, putting appreciation into action costs little or no money.  Move beyond thinking what you are thankful for and put that appreciation into action.   Read more»
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