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Budgeting Software: 5 Options
By: Staff
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By Jeannine AversaAP Economics WriterWASHINGTON (AP) — Federal Reserve policymakers gather to examine ways to lift the country out of financial and economic turmoil as Americans fume over the government's handling of AIG's bailout. Read more»
Tighter Credit Hampering Tax Refund Loans
By: Staff
NEW YORK (AP) — The credit crunch is rearing its head in an unexpected place — the short-term loans that appeal to mostly working-class taxpayers who want their federal tax refunds fast. Read more»
By sbup Staff Paying more than the monthly minimum on your credit card balance is a smart strategy to pay down credit card debt. After all, the longer it takes to pay off your balances, the higher your overall interest charges will be. But with the recession still going strong, it's increasingly important to stay flexible with your available cash. At times like this, you may be better off paying only the minimum on your credit card, and not a single cent more. Read more»
When Does Consolidating Debt Make Sense?
By: Staff
By sbup StaffDebt is on everyone’s mind these days. With job losses, bills, and underwater mortgages wreaking havoc on finances across the country, some have been forced to file for bankruptcy or lose their homes to foreclosure. In February 2009 alone, 223,651 foreclosure filings were made according RealtyTrac, a 60% increase from the same month in 2008. Consolidating debt is one method to lower monthly payments and avoid defaulting on financial obligations. Read more»
The Benefits of Joining a Credit Union
By: Staff
By sbup Staff Big banks have borne the brunt of the blame for America’s ongoing financial crisis. As the government continues to bailout institutions big and small, and with dozens of banks failing in 2009, many consumers are starting to reconsider their banking relationships, and looking for other alternatives. Read more»
Debt Consolidation: Too Good to Be True?
By: Staff
Debt Consolidation: Too Good to Be True? By Staff Read more»
Fed Reports Record Fall in Household Net Worth
By: Staff
By Martin Crutsinger AP Economics WriterWASHINGTON (AP) — The net worth of American households fell by the largest amount in more than a half-century of record keeping during the fourth quarter of last year. Read more»
JPMorgan Chase CEO Dimon 'Optimistic'
By: Staff
By Laurie Kulikowski, TheStreet.comJPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is "optimistic of the future" despite the fact that the financial crisis is "one of the most serious the world has ever seen." Read more»
Financial Planning When You're Laid Off
By: Staff
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