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Tax Tips For The Unemployed
By: Staff
By Althea ChangThere may hope in sight this tax season for people who lost their jobs in 2008.  Here are a few things to keep in mind if you still haven’t filed your return. Read more»
What's With All Those Corporate Fees?
By: Staff
By Eileen AJ Connelly -- AP Personal Finance WriterNEW YORK (AP) — Fed up with your hard-earned money going to big corporations while you're struggling to get by? Want to do something about it're not as powerless as you think. It's not just tax dollars that get funneled to big companies. Consumers spend billions each year on fees and add-on charges, many of which are unnecessary, and often because they're just not paying attention. Read more»
Prepping For Unemployment
By: Staff
By Jeff BrownJust about everyone knows someone who has lost a job in this recession, and many wonder if they are next.It’s a helpless feeling. But you can prepare for the worst. Putting your finances into a defensive position ahead of time can help you weather a period of unemployment, so you won’t feel forced to take a job that doesn’t suit you. Read more»
Pinch Pennies Without Feeling the Squeeze
By: Staff
By Staff Writers You can save your pennies without (really) sacrificing. Read more»
Overdraft Fees: A Costly Venture
By: Staff
By StaffHaving your debit card rejected at the checkout counter at Macy's (Stock quote: M) would be pretty embarrassing. Then again, paying an extra $27 in fees just to avoid that embarrassment may seem like a pretty steep price, especially if it happens more than once. Read more»
Funds' Q1 Returns Looking Up
By: Staff
By Tim Paradis -- AP Business WriterNEW YORK (AP) — It might be safe now for investors to open both eyes when they look at their quarterly mutual fund statements.The news won't be good, as it was two years ago when the stock market was still churning higher. But it won't be nearly as gruesome as it was a few months ago. Read more»
No More Free Balance Transfers
By: Staff
By sbup Staff Shifting balances from high-interest credit cards to a low-interest credit card has long been a smart way to avoid exorbitant finance charges. In the current lending environment, however, such balance transfers are now going to cost you. Read more»
How Much Cash Is Too Much?
By: Staff
By sbup Staff Since its peak in October 2007, the stock market has fallen by 55%. Many investors have lost tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in their investment portfolios in this short time. Investors are understandably spooked, and as a consequence, many are shifting money out of the market and into cash and cash equivalent investments. Allocating too much of your portfolio to cash holdings, however, can cost you in the end. Read more»
Saving: No Time Like the Present
By: Staff
By sbup Staff When it comes to saving, it pays to be smart and persistant. Read more»
Spending Smart to Avoid Inactive Fees
By: Staff
By sbup Staff The big credit card companies are struggling in the current economic downturn. They’re losing money as delinquencies go up and people cut back on their spending. To improve their bottom line, credit card issuers are closing accounts and trimming lines of credit. They’re also tacking on new fees, including a maintenance fee on inactive cards. Read more»
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