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How to Cash Out of an Annuity Right Now
By: Staff
The economic downturn has shaken the confidence of many investors, and scores of people are looking for a way to cash out of investments to save what little they have left. Although financial experts recommend holding out, that’s simply not an option for some of us who need cash immediately. While some funds are not easily liquefied, annuities can be a source of instant funds. Read more»
Allocating New Savings
By: Jeff Brown
If there’s a bright spot in the recession, it’s that Americans are saving more. Recently, the federal Commerce Department reported that people are saving 6.9 percent of their incomes, the highest level in 15 years. Not long ago the rate was zero, or less than zero, as people tapped equity in their homes to spend more than they earned. Read more»
7 Resolutions for Financial Success
By: The Associated Press
CHICAGO (AP) — Summertime and the livin' is easy, which often means letting decisions about your finances slide. Who wants to think about tedious money matters during vacations and down time?But this year in particular, it may be a good idea to sit down and reset some things as midyear statements roll in. Read more»
In 2010… To Roth or Not to Roth?
By: Bill Losey, CFP®
To Roth or not to Roth. That is the question being contemplated by millions of American’s and their tax preparers. In case you haven’t heard, beginning January 1, 2010, any investor may convert their traditional IRA to a Roth IRA. The current income limitations will be lifted. No IRS income limits will apply or stand in the way of the conversion starting in 2010. Read more»
Sending Cash Through Texts?
By: Brian O'Connell
Need $300 from Mom and Dad? Leave the post office out of it and get the cash via text. That’s the promise behind a new technology from CashEdge Inc. Here’s the deal. Read more»
Deals of the Week: July 15
By: Brian O'Connell
We’re on the cusp of the summer doldrums, but you can liven things up with a few decent interest rate, especially in the certificate of deposit and the money market sectors.Here’s a quick look:Certificates of Deposit Read more»
Are Build America Bonds For You?
By: Staff
Build America Bonds, or BABs, are government bonds that are earmarked to help fund and encourage necessary capital projects, such as construction and repairs on public buildings, courthouses, energy projects, schools, roads, bridges, transportation infrastructure, government hospitals, environmental projects, public safety facilities and equipment, water and sewer projects, public utilities and governmental housing projects. Read more»
Wanna Deposit Checks from Home?
By: Miranda Marquit
Online banking has made it possible for you to take care of most of your needs any time of the day, whether transferring money between accounts or paying bills. You can do this from anywhere with Internet access. Direct deposit further simplifies the process by eliminating paper paychecks. Read more»
Make the Most of Your Cash
By: Miranda Marquit
Now more than ever it is important to have a plan to make the most of your cash. Read more»
Is the 401(k) Match a Casualty of the Recession?
By: The Associated Press
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — As if we needed another sign that this may be the Great Recession, it appears some companies suspending their 401(k) match may not restore it completely. Read more»
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