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It’s grim news: More and more “retirement age” Americans are sticking around the workplace longer, afraid to give up a steady income after the financial crisis torpedoed their nest eggs.Postponing retirement is an obvious, if unpleasant, choice when resources come up short. But how long does this purgatory have to last? Read more»
In Defense of the Clunker
By: Jeff Brown
Alas, the Cash for Clunkers program has ended -- sad news for any driver who’d love a government subsidy for trading an aging gas guzzler for something spiffy and new.But there’s another way to see things: Clunkers are good.Well, not real clunkers. A car that won’t start half the time, leaves you stranded beside the road or isn’t safe is ready for the scrap heap. Read more»
Strategies for Rainy-Day Saving
By: Brian O'Connell
It seems easy enough. You earn money, pay your bills and try to set something aside for yourself in a bank savings account.Who knew this could be problematic?The fact is, savings accounts may be popular and ubiquitous, but consumers still aren’t sure how much cash to stash away in them. Read more»
Travel blogger Jim Bruene has a great list of services that banks should be offering overseas travelers, but haven’t ... yet. His list includes the ability to purchase foreign currency online and the ability to establish withdrawal limits while traveling. Read more»
If you’re a working person, the latest news on pay raises probably isn’t a surprise, though there may be some comfort in knowing you’re not alone: Raises are slim to non-existent. Read more»
Banks Get Creative With Fees
By: Brian O'Connell
Banks and fees are as intertwined as peanut butter and jelly or Minneapolis and St. Paul. All told, banks earn 53% of all of their income from charges on late fees, overdraft fees, loan-origination fees and other surcharges, according to the analytical firm R.K Hammer. That’s up from 35% in 1995. Read more»
By Chris Kahn, AP Business WriterThose greenbacks in your wallet have been losing their punch for months, thanks to a weaker economy and the government's aggressive attempts to fix it. Read more»
Get Overdraft Fee Protection
By: Althea Chang
Bank account overdraft fees are rising and charges are being tacked on if you don't pay immediately, which could be more common now in a tough economy.What You Pay Read more»
With the elimination of income caps, millions more investors will be allowed to convert traditional IRAs, 401(k)s and other “tax-deferred” retirement plans into tax-free Roth IRAs. But a growing number of news stories quote financial advisors speculating about a possible Washington double-cross that might someday make Roth’s taxable after all. Read more»
Deals of the Week: July 22
By: Brian O'Connell
As chaos continues to swirl around the economy, the political landscape, and the stock market, you can still find shelter with some good bank savings and investment deals.As usual, sbup leads your way. Credit Cards Read more»
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