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Roth IRAs Mean Big Business for Finance Firms
By: Joe Mont
BOSTON (TheStreet) — Plug "Roth IRA conversion" into a search engine, and it will spit out online calculators and stories seeking to explain whether the move is worthwhile. Read more»
Ask an expert whether you should convert a traditional IRA into a Roth IRA and you’ll hear a lot about tax brackets. A conversion is more likely to make sense if you expect to be in a higher bracket in retirement than you are now. Read more»
Bank consumer advocates are up in arms over Bank of America’s (Stock Quote: BAC) pilot program that charges annual membership fees to credit card customers. But under the CARD act, Congress hiking fees on existing customers is strictly off limits. So that begs the question: is BofA breaking the law? Read more»
Bringing Back the Bank Float
By: Brian O'Connell
It seems like a quaint notion, like rabbit-ear TVs or family-owned department stores. But unlike those relics, the fine art of floating a check to delay payment isn’t dead, it’s just changed form. Here are three moves you can make to revive the spirit of the float, even in the midst of the digital age. Read more»
When November arrives, many investors get serious about reducing the year’s tax bills by “harvesting” losses on stocks, bonds or mutual funds. Usually, investors are urged to put the cash from sales back to work in new investments as soon as possible. Read more»
Gen Y Says 'No Thanks' to Banks
By: Brian O'Connell
A new study from Microsoft concludes that younger Americans are losing trust in banks big time, much like their great-grandparents did during the Great Depression. How bad is the damage from the 18-29 viewpoint? Let’s take a look. The seeds for younger consumers' mistrust in banks were sown in the past two years, a period which some economists are already calling the Great Recession. Read more»
In the old days, three or four years ago, most people had two major job concerns — getting laid off or not getting raises and promotions fast enough. Read more»
Retire Now or Later?
By: Jeff Brown
For many Americans, traditional pensions are a thing of the past. Companies are cutting back on matching contributions to 401k(s). And most people have yet to recover all the investment losses suffered during the past couple of years. Thank goodness for Social Security. Read more»
With Money Tight, An Emergency Fund Can Save the Day
By: Brian O'Connell
It’s ironic when you think about it. People don’t think about emergency funds until they need one. It’s only human nature to wall off the possibility of bad news. So preparing for the financial consequences of a layoff or an illness, especially in these tough times, isn’t always a priority. Read more»
This comes as no surprise: Employees’ 401(k) plans were hammered in 2008, with the stock-market collapse trimming the average account balance by 24.3%. But a new report by the nonprofit Employee Benefit Research Institute offers some encouraging news as well, and sheds light on ways employees might boost their prospects of retiring comfortably. Read more»
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