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After its stunning gains in the last three quarters of 2009, the stock market has hit a rocky patch. Amid a series of gut-wrenching plunges, it’s natural to think about moving money to the sidelines. Read more»
Are you saving enough for retirement? No. Well, maybe you are. But that would make you an exception, as study upon study show that Americans are woefully unprepared for retirement. Right now, with year-end statements from your broker, mutual fund companies and bank in hand, it’s a good time to rethink your savings rate and asset allocation. Read more»
The Employee Benefits Research Institute has some good news and bad news conclusions about Americans’ job tenure: overall, it’s not getting any shorter, but the typical worker doesn’t have much job security and has little chance of retiring with a “gold-watch” benefit like health insurance. Read more»
All this recent chatter about Roth conversions tends to dwell on the concerns of the well-off, which often means older investors. Sorry, young people. You’re actually the best candidates for Roth IRAs. That’s because people with more investing years ahead of them are far more likely to find the math working in their favor, thanks to the progressive tax system and the snowballing effect of compounding. Read more»
Mutual Funds: When Less is More
By: The Associated Press
By Mark Jewell, AP Personal Finance Writer BOSTON (AP) — With mutual funds, sometimes less is more. A fund holding just a couple dozen stocks might succeed in maximizing returns, with the manager's strong conviction behind each pick yielding better performance. The trade-off? Investors sacrifice the relative safety of the hundred or more stocks that many funds hold. Read more»
Exchange-traded funds are becoming a more common option in 401(k)s and similar workplace retirement plans, according to The Wall Street Journal. That may appeal to many investors, but it does highlight a key issue: how to choose between taxable and tax-favored accounts. Read more»
There are two reasons to own fixed-income securities: safety and income. Read more»
Fixed-income investors are in a tough spot. Yields on the safest savings, like certificates of deposit, are pitifully low. Reaching for higher yields with long-term holdings like 10-year Treasury notes means risking loss of principal if prevailing rates rise, as many experts expect them to. Read more»
Call it a pig in a poke, a moving target or some other unprintable term. But whatever you call it, deciding whether to convert a traditional IRA into a Roth is especially complex if you might leave your heirs a taxable estate. Read more»
It’s usually nice to have a grace period, a little extra time to pay a bill. But IRA investors who rely on the government’s generous deadline for annual contributions are usually hurting themselves, not Uncle Sam. Read more»
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