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Deals of the Week: Feb. 24
By: Brian O'Connell
There’s been a lot of talk this week about a slowly improving economy, and we’ve been a party to that conversation here at Read more»
No investor wants to lose money, but it does happen. You may own stock in a firm that goes under, or you may get scammed by a Bernie Madoff. Either way, the only thing left to do is memorize the lesson learned and make the most of the situation at tax time. Read more»
Fund News: Good or Bad?
By: Jeff Brown
There’s news about mutual fund investors. In fact, two stories have emerged in the past few days. But is the bottom line good or bad? The Wall Street Journal, citing reports from fund companies and Morningstar Inc. (Stock Quote: MORN), says investors have begun tip-toeing back into stock funds. Many fled after the market tanked in 2008. Read more»
Investors have two reasons for procrastinating on tax returns: doing them is such a big, miserable hassle, and the result can be a nasty tax bill. The first problem is, well, a fact of life. But it’s possible to do something about the second, by improving “tax efficiency.” This is the time of year to think about that, as the recently arrived 1099 forms from your bank, brokers and mutual fund companies will help you uncover the inefficient aspects of your portfolio. Read more»
If you’ll need your money during the next five years, don’t put it into stocks. That’s the long-standing rule of thumb, since stocks are risky in the short term. Read more»
Deals of the Week: Feb. 17
By: Brian O'Connell
The U.S. economy once again seems to be set on a shaky foundation, as the public debt rises just as foreign investors seem to be selling out of U.S. government and corporate bonds. Read more»
Most financial advisers have a standard recommendation for ordinary investors: pick a core group of low-fee mutual funds, add money every month and stick with it for the long term. How boring! Wouldn’t it be fun to play the markets like the pros, jumping in and out, maybe even trying something exotic like betting on options? Read more»
The Securities and Exchange Commission recently announced it will examine the marketing practices of firms offering target-date retirement funds, which left many investors with unexpected losses in 2008. Read more»
Employers to Restore 401(k) Matches
By: Jeff Brown
Here’s a bit of good news for workers with 401(k)s — about 80% of firms that reduced or suspended employer matches in the dark days of 2009 are planning to restore them this year. Read more»
What's a MAGI?
By: Jeff Brown
Think fast: what’s your modified adjusted gross income? Time’s up. Good thing there wasn’t a jackpot riding on your answer, because, like most people, you probably haven’t the foggiest idea of your MAGI — or even know what it is. It’s hard enough to know your gross income. But to adjust it, and then modify the adjustment? And to modify in various ways? Gee whiz! Read more»
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