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Go ahead, live a little. Buy that new game console you don’t really need. Throw a party with all the trimmings. It’s the holidays! Indulge! This, of course, is not the standard finger-wagging lecture you get this time of year, especially in a post-recession period that feels just like an actual recession. Read more»
Don’t count Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher among those economists who love the Federal Reserve’s ongoing policy of low interest rates. Banks make out like kings, he admits, but savers? Not so much. And that will hurt the economy more than it helps, he contends. Read more»
Bank savings are incredibly thin these days, and taxes chew away at what little interest you earn. You are probably stuck with the problem if you prize the safety offered by FDIC-insured bank accounts, but you can ease the tax burden a little by using a bank IRA instead of your classic savings account. Read more»
Everyone needs to keep some cash on hand for bills and emergencies. But cash held in bank savings accounts can also help reduce the volatility of an investment portfolio, and it can provide a reserve for jumping on investment opportunities. So how much of this type of cash should you have? Read more»
Fed to Bank Savers: Stop Saving
By: Brian O'Connell
The Federal Reserve’s announcement that it will funnel $600 billion into a massive government bond purchase (to spark more consumer lending and spending activity) has distinct winners and losers. With even lower interest rates on the way, mortgage borrowers are big winners. But bank interest rate savers have a bone to pick with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke – they’re getting the short end of the stick, again. Here’s a look at the damage. Read more»
Q: "I have a health savings account, or HSA, through my financial institution, where I use money from the account to pay for health care services. In all the chaos over health care reform, I haven’t heard much about its impact on HSAs. Can you shed some light on this?" - T.R., Concord, N.H. Read more»
The government has a good news/bad news announcement about Social Security, a reminder of the need to use sensible inflation projections in long-term savings and investment plans. Read more»
The Perils of Deflation
By: Jeff Brown
Economists and regulators are buzzing again about the perils of low inflation, or perhaps deflation, a topic that has flared up several times in the past couple of years. While fixed-income investors and other consumers may welcome flat or falling prices, the condition can be devastating to borrowers.The best rule of thumb in a period of deep financial and economic uncertainty: Be especially cautious with long-term commitments. Read more»
Wall Street types are buzzing over a report that the Federal Reserve is mulling over a second round of U.S. Treasury purchases, a move the Fed said it was considering according to the minutes of its Sept. 21 Open Markets Committee meeting. Read more»
Deals of the Week: Sept. 29
By: Brian O'Connell
Bank rate watchers may be growing weary, but we seem to be at yet another crossroads for interest rates. After some genuine upward momentum in bank rates in September, particularly in the first half of the month, things have leveled off heading into October. Read more»
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