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Here’s an interesting thought for you, courtesy of Thomas Power from If Facebook could persuade 10% of its 400 million users to deposit $1,000 in a supposed Bank of Facebook, the company would have $40 billion in deposits. Is Facebook Bank a pipe dream — or could it really happen? Read more»
Know Your 401(k) Options
By: Jeff Brown
Financial advisers have long fretted over the casual attitude investors have toward their 401(k)s, but now there’s a sign people are paying more attention. Read more»
By Jeannine Aversa & Jim Kuhnhenn, Associated Press Writers WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Wednesday urged Congress not to scale back the Fed's regulatory authority over banks. He said the Fed needs the information it gleans from its bank oversight to set interest rates and gauge the health of the banking system. Read more»
What is an equity abandoner and would you know if you were one? The term is used by mutual-fund giant The Vanguard Group to describe investors who sell their stocks when the going gets tough. If it sounds pejorative, well, that’s the idea. Investors who abandon their equity are quitters, cowards, nincompoops, violators of all that’s right and decent in the investing world. Read more»
Fed Holds Rates Near Zero
By: Melinda Peer
WASHINGTON (TheStreet) — The Federal Reserve's policymaking arm offered no surprises Tuesday as it kept the target fed funds rate unchanged at near zero. Read more»
IRS Red Flags to Avoid
By: Jeff Brown
You could go to jail! Well, OK, that’s not too likely. But with just a month to go to the tax-filing deadline, it’s worth looking at a few items that really get the tax folks’ dander up. Read more»
This isn’t the way that consumer advocates envisioned it, but the U.S. Senate plan for a consumer financial protection agency has the Federal Reserve calling the shots. Historically, the Federal Reserve has been pretty cozy with big banks lately, so consumer advocates are wondering if bank customers will really get a fair shake. Read more»
Deals of the Week: March 3
By: Brian O'Connell
Bank rates are at the mercy of increasing public debt these days. With a 2010 proposed White House budget that would result in a $1.6 trillion deficit if it passes Congress, the impact for bank rates would be substantial. Read more»
Exchange-traded funds have become enormously popular, and there are now about 900 of them. For many investors, they offer a mutual fund alternative with lower costs, easier trading and better tax efficiency. ETF shopping, then, can boil down to a side-by-side comparison of an ETF and a comparable fund. If performance is the same, costs and other features would probably favor the ETF. Read more»
Get Ready for Interest Rate Hikes
By: The Associated Press
By Dave Carpenter, AP Personal Finance Writer CHICAGO (AP) — The rate hikes are coming! The rate hikes are coming! Eventually. Days after the Federal Reserve seemed to sound the alarm that the era of near-zero interest rates is ending, Chairman Ben Bernanke tempered those expectations a bit this week. Just because the Fed boosted the rate it charges banks, he told Congress, doesn't mean it will move any time soon to boost broader interest rates too. Read more»
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