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Everyone knows a chief attraction of index funds is low fees. But some are lower than others, even on funds tracking the same index, such as the Standard & Poor’s 500. Read more»
You go on vacation, have a wonderful, relaxing time, and then come home to a slap in the face. Somehow, in all the rush, you forgot to pay a credit card bill ahead of time. By the time you got back you were late, and now you face a late charge, interest-rate hike or some other punishment. Just about everyone has this kind of story. So, what’s the solution? Total automation is the most obvious, but it has drawbacks of its own. Read more»
Banks are showing some signs of emerging from their job-freeze mindset, especially in the area of mortgage lending. While the home loan market is weak right now, banking analysts expect things to pick up in 2011 and 20102 — and they want a steady, capable workforce in place to meet that demand. The quickest path there is through a big uptick in loan specialist hires. Read more»
It wasn’t the headline grabber, but the financial reform bill offers something shareholder advocates have been seeking for years: a better ability to challenge public companies’ boards of directors. The bill’s final language leaves the matter to the Securities and Exchange Commission, which last year proposed improving proxy access, or shareholders’ ability to field candidates for boards of directors. Read more»
A July 7 New York Times story described the job-hunting troubles of a 24-year-old, 2008 graduate of Colgate University, with top grades. Judging by readers’ comments, older folks have only so much sympathy for the obstacles confronting recent college grads. Read more»
Banks are spinning their tires furiously to make back those revenues blocked by new regulations from Uncle Sam. But one area where they could make traction is in brokerage services – and more and more big banks are getting in on the action. Read more»
Banking Deals of the Week: July 7
By: Brian O'Connell
Barrels of ink have been spilled, and millions of keystrokes have been struck by people trying to figure out why the economy isn’t clicking on all cylinders. Read more»
December 31 is a long way off, but it’s not too early to start thinking about year-end tax maneuvers like selling money-losing investments. The stock market’s recent downturn may provide some opportunities that might not be there if you wait until the last minute and the markets rebound. Read more»
Things probably haven’t gone as you’d hoped. At the start of the year, investors had plenty of reason to think the stupendous stock-market recovery of 2009 would continue. It did for a while but, to cut to the chase, the first half of 2010 has been a disappointment, thanks to the faltering economic recovery, worries about the European debt crisis and a raft of other problems. Read more»
BP Appeals to Banks for Help
By: Brian O'Connell
When British Petroleum (Stock Quote: BP) agreed to a $20 billion fund for damages caused by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, it wasn’t going to pay the money directly out of pocket. Instead, it would do what most individuals can’t do in times of financial stress — get help from big banks. Read more»
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