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NEW YORK (sbup) — Banks may have thought they were out of the woods when it came to checking account overdraft fee regulations, but boy, were they wrong. Read more»
Ever wonder what insiders at banks have to say about things like sales, commissions, and fees and rates on bank consumers? Well Dani Zabala, an ex-banker and founder of the website, has some specific tips for bank customers to keep from getting fleeced by greedy bankers. Zabala’s mantra is this: “Own your bank, and don’t let it own you.” Read more»
Banking Deals of the Week: Dec. 1
By: Brian O'Connell
Finally, some good news arrived on the jobs front. ADP reports this morning that private-sector employers hired the highest number of workers in the last three years. That’s right – three years. Read more»
4 Tips for Financial Caregivers
By: Brian O'Connell
If you have an elderly family member with health problems, you owe them the best health care possible, and also the best financial care. Read more»
The headlines are clear: We’re at a historic time in the bank interest rate market, where rates are scraping the floor. Look, for example, at mortgage rates. Right now, the average interest rate for a 30-year home loan is only 4.443%, as measured by the sbup Weekly Mortgage Rate tracker - that’s the lowest rate since President Eisenhower was in office. Read more»
The Federal Reserve’s plan to keep interest rates low for longer than expected has thrilled stock investors, encouraged borrowers and put fixed-income savers into a funk. How can ordinary people make the most of the situation? Read more»
BofA Drops Free Checking
By: Brian O'Connell
Who doesn’t feel a twinge of nostalgia now that Bank of America (Stock Quote: BAC) has announced it will shut down its free checking option for good? That nostalgia will stick around too, since most big banks will be doing the same thing soon. Read more»
In advance of the holiday shopping season, and with profit margins cut to the bone, retailers are taking a tough stance against merchandise returns – even if you have the receipt and never used the item. Read more»
Banking Deals of the Week: Nov. 3
By: Brian O'Connell
What will last night’s elections mean for bank rate investors? Here’s a thought: Stability. With the U.S. House of Representatives in Republican hands and the Senate under Democratic control, the electorate has apparently chosen a bipartisan balance in Congress. Read more»
It’s a weird interest rate environment right now. Check out Monday’s five-year inflation-index Treasury auction, where the bonds were sold at a negative yield. Read more»
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