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NEW YORK (sbup) — High banking fees still vex financial consumers, and on several different fronts. Take overdraft fees, which were supposed to be more or less clarified and suppressed as a result of Dodd-Frank financial reforms back in 2009 and 2010. Years later, banking consumers still don't have a decent grip on them. Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — With consumer prices at a six-year low and inflation seemingly under control, some financial industry observers say the Federal Reserve won't raise interest rates after all. A few months ago, before oil prices cratered and U.S. gross domestic product strengthening, the conventional wisdom was that the Fed would hike rates to rein in inflation, but that may not be the case right now. Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — The consumer banking experience is changing, and it helps to know where the industry is going if you're going to get the best deals from your financial institution. Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — With bills from the holidays still rolling in, the last thing consumers need is an unexpected expense such as a hospital stay or a big car repair. Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — With bank rewards programs, customers increasingly feel they're getting less bang for their buck — and they want banks to do something about it. Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — Younger Americans have a tough financial climb these days, more so than their parents a few decades ago. Read more»
You're Not Too Broke to Save Money, Even If You Think You Are
By: Brian O'Connell
NEW YORK (sbup) — Consumer debt is at a substantial $11.7 trillion, up 3.3% on a year-to-year basis, according to Here's some more Nerdwallet factoids pointing to a nation with some high monthly bills to pay: Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — Forget about those resolutions you made last week about trying to lose 40 pounds, exercising two hours a day or keeping your home neat as a pin. We rarely follow through with extreme ones. But since the urge to do better rises to the surface at the start of the year, aren't there some goals in the personal finance sense that have good odds of success? Let's take a stab at it. Read more»
NEW YORK (MainStreet) — The economy gained steam as 2015 arrived, having grown by 5% in the third quarter of 2014, sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average to record levels and lowered global oil prices by 45% over the past six months. But how do consumers see the economy? What steps do they plan to take with their money this year? Are they as bullish as many economists on prospects for the economy this year? Read more»
Hooray for High-Tech? Banks Beat It Because Consumers Care About Security, Fees
By: Brian O'Connell
NEW YORK (sbup) — Who would blame consumers for being confused over the growing number of payment options? Read more»
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