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The time has never been better to buy a bank-owned home. They’re available, they’re cheap and banks are more likely to assist with financing. Your job? To do your homework and make sure the deal is worth the effort.Where to get started? How about right here, with these tips from Read more»
If you look really, really hard, you might find a silver lining in the darkest of clouds. When it comes to the gut-churning drop in home prices, the silver lining is the chance to reduce your property taxes. Maybe. Read more»
For most people, buying a second home is an extravagance that probably doesn’t make much sense right now, especially if one’s job situation is at all shaky. But one group may be an exception: homeowners who plan to retire and move, but not for a few years.These near retirees can capitalize on today’s weak market to pick up their next home at a discount, while hanging on to the current home until prices recover. Read more»
NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Home prices posted their first monthly increase in three years, adding to the growing list of positive housing data. The Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller home price index of 20 major cities rose 0.5% in May from April, the first monthly gain since July 2006. While prices were still 17.1% below last year, 13 metro areas showed signs of improvement, compared with eight in April. Read more»
Your Money: Real Estate Q&A
By: The Associated Press
It looks like the real estate market is beginning to repair its foundation. New home sales in June posted the fastest increase in more than eight years as buyers took advantage of bargain prices, low interest rates and a federal tax credit for first-time homeowners. Read more»
Many would-be homeowners have caught the scent of bargains, as the average home has lost about 18 percent of its value in the past year. For those who plan to stay put for a number of years and don’t have to sell a home at a distressed price before they can buy, today’s market may look like a great opportunity. That includes lots of first-time buyers. Read more»
Less than three months after new rules for home appraisers kicked in, the real estate industry is in uproar.Realtors, homebuilders, mortgage brokers and the appraisal industry itself all agree the rules are causing problems. Some are backing a bill in Congress to kill them. Read more»
Buying a Fixer-Upper
By: Jeff Brown
Despite some bright spots, the housing market is still in deep trouble. Buy now and your new home could lose value in the short term, adding years to the time it will take to break even, or sell your home for as much as you’d put into it.That can discourage anyone from buying a home, even at today’s appealing prices. Read more»
Across the country, apartment rental rates are falling and vacancies are rising, making renting an appealing alternative to buying. But there are a number of factors to consider besides costs. Read more»
Fannie Mae (Stock Quote: FNM) and Freddie Mac (Stock Quote: FRE) are busy tweaking and recasting home ownership rules, with the Home Valuation Code of Conduct their latest act of tinkering. Read more»
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