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If you own a home in Florida, Arizona or California (along with a few other economically-troubled states), you’ll need to wait 15 years before your home value will return to pre-recession levels. Says who? Read more»
There is certainly one demographic group that is growing increasingly bullish about the U.S. housing market — and they don’t even live here. Yep, it’s foreign investors and their appetite for buying American homes is on the rise. The biggest players? How about our neighbors to the north and south? Read more»
HUD Changes Rules on Mobile Homes
By: Brian O'Connell
You may or may not know it, but most mobile homes — or “manufactured” homes as the federal government call them — are built in factories, and not on the homeowner’s lot. But that’s going to change with a new U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development rule that should simplify the process of getting a mobile home built to spec — right on your own property. Read more»
It stood a good chance of not surviving intense negotiations, but a key provision in the new financial reform bill has made its way through the Senate-House reform deliberations – and it gives unemployed homeowners access to government cash to pay their home mortgages and avoid foreclosure. But don’t get too excited yet – there might be a catch that trips jobless homeowners up. Read more»
Vacation season is getting into full swing, which means millions of Americans spending time in lovely, stress-free spots at the beach or mountains will have the same thought: “Gee, wouldn’t it be great if we owned a place like this?” Read more»
Oops, they did it again. Government entities have drawn a well-deserved reputation for passing rules that later come back to bite potential beneficiaries. Read more»
Will your castle make you secure in your sunset years? For many homeowners that’s the plan. Sell the big house after the kids are gone, “downsize” to a cheaper one and live on the extra cash. But that has become harder to do. Read more»
A new Coldwell Banker (Stock Quote: CD) study turns the conventional notion that young singles prefer the city on its head. Instead, fresh data shows that with low home prices, interest rates and government tax incentives, singles are looking to the suburbs for a new home. Read more»
Real estate agents are coming up with a host of imaginative ways to make up for the loss of homebuyer’s tax credits. But is there something wrong with this picture? Read more»
U.S. homeowners have no shortage of reasons to sell their homes fast: a job transfer, an imminent foreclosure or even the chance to downsize into your new dream home. But when you need to act fast, you’ll need a sharper game plan that includes a few critical steps. Read more»
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