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The latest data shows home sales plunged in July to the lowest levels in more than a decade, a report far worse than most experts had forecast. If you’re in the market as a buyer or seller, what does this mean for you? For most, it suggests that patience will be the best policy. Read more»
What would happen to homeowners if the mortgage-interest tax deduction were eliminated?It’s not likely to happen tomorrow, but the idea has some advocates as Washington ponders reforms to the mortgage market after the catastrophes of the past few years. Scrapping the time-honored deduction would hurt many homeowners, but many people think the deduction is worth more than it is. Read more»
Homeowners beware: A new study reveals the BP oil spill will be toxic for real estate. As if the real estate market wasn’t bad enough, a new study shows Gulf Coast residents could lose $3 billion in property values thanks to the BP oil spill. Read more»
It’s a tough financial environment out there and cost-conscious homeowners are pitching pennies around like manhole covers. A good way to cut household costs is by studying the home values – which may be in decline – then using that data to appeal your property tax valuations the next time it drops over the transom. Read more»
FHA to Home Buyers: Pay Up
By: Brian O'Connell
The Federal Housing Administration released  new rules on home purchases that ramp up how much home buyers will need to cough up for down payments along with closing costs.As if banks and lenders weren’t tough enough on consumers looking to buy a new home, now the government is cracking down, too. Still, loose lending policies fueled the economic collapse, so any new restraints on new home purchases may help “protect” the housing market from another implosion. Read more»
By J.W. Elphinstone, AP Real Estate Writer NEW YORK (AP) — If you bought a home in San Francisco in the past year, it might feel like the housing slump is over. Bay area home prices have shot up 18% in the past year. But someone next door who bought in 2006 may have suffered a 35% loss in value. And if you're a Las Vegas homeowner, there's been no good news in four years. The latest report on home prices confirms that real estate is all about timing and location. Read more»
Real estate agents, homeowners and homebuyers may already know that Yahoo Real Estate (Stock Quote: YHOO) and are some of the most popular real estate sites on the Web, ranked second and third, respectively, in most user surveys. Read more»
If you own a home in Florida, Arizona or California (along with a few other economically-troubled states), you’ll need to wait 15 years before your home value will return to pre-recession levels. Says who? Read more»
There is certainly one demographic group that is growing increasingly bullish about the U.S. housing market — and they don’t even live here. Yep, it’s foreign investors and their appetite for buying American homes is on the rise. The biggest players? How about our neighbors to the north and south? Read more»
HUD Changes Rules on Mobile Homes
By: Brian O'Connell
You may or may not know it, but most mobile homes — or “manufactured” homes as the federal government call them — are built in factories, and not on the homeowner’s lot. But that’s going to change with a new U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development rule that should simplify the process of getting a mobile home built to spec — right on your own property. Read more»
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