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The latest bad news for the housing market, a halt in foreclosures, makes a quick rebound in home prices look less and less likely. Homeowners with properties worth 20% or 30% less than a few years ago might therefore be wise to look for savings on homeowner’s insurance and property taxes. Read more»
We’d like to think that you can’t put a price on memories, but let’s face it: Sometimes nostalgia can cost you a small fortune. Many retirees postpone downsizing for as long as possible, but they and middle-aged empty-nesters might do better by moving out of that big family-sized home as soon as they can. Read more»
You’re finally ready to own a home, but what you choose should reflect your lifestyle. So, you’ve decided to leave the ranks of renters and finally become a homeowner. What will it be: a house or a condo? Read more»
Will Housing Hit Bottom in 2014?
By: Brian O'Connell
Even though the recession officially ended in June 2009, some pretty smart people are saying it will take five years from that point for the U.S. housing market to bottom out. Read more»
Until the past few years, homeowners had a simple solution when the home was no longer big or nice enough: trade up. Now, with the housing market in the doldrums, it may make more sense to improve or expand the home you already have, and that makes good recordkeeping essential. Read more»
FDIC Warns of Phone Scam
By: Brian O'Connell
Phony debt collectors are putting homeowners at risk for identity and credit theft, warns the FDIC. Read more»
Home builders are tacking on fees to sale prices, threatening both the home’s resale price and homeowners' long-term investments. Just when Americans began to breathe easier with new curbs on credit and debit card fees, a new homeowners fee emerged. That is, the “resale fee” paid to the builder by all of a home’s future sellers. Read more»
3 Ways to Befriend Your Realtor
By: Brian O'Connell
Life is complicated enough in this economy without having to buy or sell your home, much less without the help of a realtor. Read more»
At first glance, recent home-sales data looks awful, with July sales slumping to their lowest levels in more than 10 years. But a closer look raises questions about whether the housing market is actually as bad as it seems. Read more»
Billionaire hedge fund manager John Paulson made a big score when he bet $4 billion against the sub-prime housing market back in 2007. Now he is about to make another big splash on the opposite end of the real estate spectrum: buying up land in advance of what he hopes will be a rebound in the housing market. Read more»
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