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NEW YORK (sbup) — This is a good time to change your life and buy a rental property. Nobody is saying being a landlord is easy, what with late-night calls about bursting pipes or the police being at your house to break up a big party. But a key part of wealth creation is creating passive income — money you earn while not actively working for it, and that's where being a landlord can help. Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — You'd think homebuyers, given their druthers, would rather prices stayed low. But, in fact, a recovery in the low-end home market is good news, and not just for folks looking for an inexpensive property. The entire market will be healthier if the lower end of the market does better. Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — If you're a homeowner, a Realtor or a certain high-profile occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C., you couldn't have asked for a much better start for the 2015 housing market. Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — Buying a new home certainly has its appeal — everything in perfect order and up to date. Then again, an existing home is more likely to have a well-established garden. And existing homes are usually cheaper. Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — The U.S. housing market took a tumble in November, with sales declining by 6.2%, according to the National Association of Realtors. Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — November wasn't exactly a banner month for home sales, with all major markets experiencing a month-to-month decline, according to the National Association of Realtors. Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — What's a home worth? Unless it's a cookie-cutter condo it's hard to know for sure, because there's too much variation. You don't have thousands of comparable trades like with corn, wheat or oil, so value's always debatable. Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — Millennials — and many others too — have been postponing their first home purchase in favor of renting. While that often does make sense, the decision is worth a second look: Soaring rents can now make owning pay off. Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — In a long-term forecast that could be worrisome for homeowners and the housing market, RealtyTrac says 21% of the nation's residential real estate markets are seeing warning signs of market bubbles like the one that Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — Try hard enough and you can almost always see the housing-market glass as half full — but only by remembering how bad things were a few years ago. Read more»
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