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Buying a New Home? Sell Your Old One First
By: Staff
By sbup StaffFor most consumers, owning two homes -- and paying two mortgages -- is a financial impossibility. That makes trying to time the sale of an existing home with the purchase of a new home all the more stressful. Your best bet in today's market is to focus on selling your existing home first. Read more»
Mortgage Rates Mostly Flat as Activity Varies
By: Staff
By Staff Mortgage rates stayed largely unchanged from last week to this week, the week ending February 27, 2009. The average rates on 30-year fixed-rate mortgages (FRMs) held steady at 5.32%, while rates on 15-year FRMs rose slightly from 4.91% to 5.01%, according to the Rate Index. Read more»
30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rate Up Slightly
By: Staff
  McLEAN, Va. (AP) — Rates on 30-year-fixed mortgages rose slightly this week amid sagging consumer confidence and lower sale prices for existing homes, Freddie Mac said Thursday. Read more»
Watch Out for Upkeep Costs When Buying a Big Home
By: Staff
By sbup StaffIn today's real estate market, $200,000 will buy a lot more home than it did just a couple of years ago -- almost a third more, according to data from the Case-Shiller 20-city home price index. But if you’ve eyeing that empty McMansion down the block, just because you can now afford to buy one, doesn't mean you can still afford to own one. Read more»
Home Sales Sink Unexpectedly, Lowest Since 1997
By: Staff
By Alan Zibel AP Real Estate Writer Sales of existing U.S. homes sank unexpectedly last month to the lowest level in nearly 12 years as potential buyers worried about their jobs and awaited details of President Barack Obama's plans to stabilize the housing market. Read more»
By STEVENSON JACOBS and ALAN ZIBEL AP Business Writers NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. banks got bailed out. So did automakers. So why not struggling homeowners? Read more»
By Jeannine Aversa AP Economics Writer New-home sales tumbled to a record-low annual pace in January and there's no relief in sight as mounting damage from the collapsed housing market pushes the country deeper into recession. The Commerce Department reported Thursday that sales fell 10.2 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 309,000, the worst showing on records going back to 1963. Read more»
Extreme Real Estate: 2 Homes for Under $50K
By: Staff
Each week MainStreet takes a look at what we call Extreme Real Estate. Extreme could mean comparing properties that can be had for less than $200,000 with similar spots that go for $2 million or more. Or we might present three houses in the U.S. for less than $40,000 (they do exist). Or a selection of castles in eastern Europe for under half a million. Read more»
NEW YORK (AP) — A widely watched index shows home prices tumbled by the sharpest annual rate on record in the fourth quarter and in December. Read more»
By Jim CramerI had to laugh when I saw that clip on CNN displaying, in cartoon panels, how the $1 trillion-plus “stimulus” plan winds its way from Washington, through various pork-laden projects, before making its way into the wallets of average Americans at a rate of $15 per paycheck. Read more»
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