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Safety Deposit Boxes: 5 Tips
By: Staff
By The Associated PressSome points to remember about safe deposit boxes at banks. Read more»
Mortgage Rates Sink; Likely to Fall Further
By: Staff
By Alan Zibel AP Real Estate WriterWASHINGTON (AP) — Rates on 30-year mortgages plunged this week to the lowest level since January, and may fall further after the Federal Reserve launched a new effort to prop up the flailing housing market. Read more»
Buying a Co-Op: Understanding Share Loans
By: Staff
By sbup StaffIn some parts of the country, particularly in the Northeast, multi-unit properties are owned by housing cooperatives (also called a co-ops). A housing cooperative is a corporation formed by building residents to own and control the building they live in. When you buy an apartment in a co-op, you’re really buying shares in the corporation. Read more»
Cramer: Govt. Housing Plans Will Work
By: Staff
By Jim CramerHow much can the housing market benefit from the changes that both presidential administrations have made in the last six months? I think a substantial amount. Not enough to turn it around right now, but enough, I think, to ensure that we see a bottom in the second half of the year—in keeping with my long standing predictions. Read more»
New-Home Construction Jumps in February
By: Staff
By Jeannine AversaAP Economics WriterWASHINGTON (AP) — The number of new housing projects that builders broke ground on in February rose sharply, defying economists' forecasts for yet another drop in activity. Read more»
Senate Dems Squabble Over Homeowners Help
By: Staff
By Julie Hirschfeld Davis Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) — Disagreement among Senate Democrats over how many struggling homeowners should qualify for court-ordered mortgage relief has stalled a key part of President Barack Obama's foreclosure prevention plan on Capitol Hill. Read more»
Weighing the Best Mortgage Options Right Now
By: Staff
By Jeff Brown, sbupMortgage rates have fallen close to the all-time lows set in January. The mortgage rate index shows 30-year fixed-rate mortgages average 5.15 percent, 15-year fixed loans 4.82 percent, and the one-year adjustable-rate loan 5.44 percent. Read more»
Report: Rhode Island Tops for Mortgage Fraud
By: Staff
By Alan Zibel AP Real Estate WriterWASHINGTON (AP) — The mortgage industry, applying far more scrutiny after a tidal wave of defaults, reported a record number of mortgage fraud incidents last year, with Rhode Island making its first appearance as the nation's top fraud hot spot. Read more»
Does a 40-Year Mortgage Make Sense?
By: Staff
By sbup StaffCreative financing options for homeowners have come under enormous scrutiny in light of the recent housing crisis. Millions of homes are in foreclosure, with many of them the result of adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) resetting payments beyond the reach of homeowners. These creative mortgages were used to stretch the buying power of homeowners, and in many cases, it was stretched far too thin. Read more»
NAACP: Banks Steered Blacks to Bad Loans
By: Staff
By Jesse WashingtonAP National WriterThe NAACP is accusing Wells Fargo and HSBC of forcing blacks into subprime mortgages while whites with identical qualifications got lower rates. Read more»
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