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All eyes turned to the holiday shopping numbers over the past weekend, where economists are looking for signs of an economic recovery amidst the bargains, discounts and deals that have come to define "Black Friday." Read more»
Lock and load, mortgage shoppers, because years from now, even decades, you’ll look back on these rates as the good old days. The U.S. fixed-rate mortgage market has not only settled at an historic bottom, it seems intent on digging even deeper. Read more»
Take a glance at the latest mortgage survey and you’ll see that rates on one-year adjustable-rate loans have gone up, while rates on 30-year fixed-rate deals are cheaper, with both hovering around 5%. It raises a question: Are ARMs suitable for anyone these days? Read more»
To get right to the point, mortgage rates are down again this week, scraping against historic lows as confidence in an economic rebound squares off against stock investors, who continue to bet on better times right around the corner. That has led to not only volatility in the stock market, which Wall Street usually treats like a trip to the dentist, but to uncertainty among banks, lenders and creditors. Read more»
The Federal Reserve doesn’t “do” deadlines, preferring to shape policy much like the Colorado River shaped the Grand Canyon – gradually, but inexorably, over time. Read more»
Uh-oh, you knew this was coming. With more and more seniors looking into the reverse mortgage market, a new report warns that some of the most notorious players in the sub-prime world have moved over to the reverse mortgage market — and are setting up shop. Here’s what to look for so you don’t get fleeced. Read more»
The Federal Reserve plans to keep interest rates “exceptionally low” for an “extended period.” So how should you respond as a borrower or saver? Read more»
Mortgage Trends This Week: Nov. 9
By: Brian O'Connell
Some economic trade winds are beginning to pick up, threatening to take mortgage rates with them. A pickup in U.S. home sales, a stronger residential construction market and a stock market that has once again crested the 10,000 level have all been baked into the current mortgage rate trends cake. You’d think that might boost most — but not all — mortgage rates. But that’s not what happened. Read more»
FHA loans are more popular now than they have been for years. With mortgage lenders tightening their standards and requiring larger down payments, the 3.5% down payment required for an FHA loan seems down-right generous. Read more»
Mortgage Trends This Week: Nov. 2
By: Brian O'Connell
With both key fixed-rate mortgage indices holding firm this week, time may be finally running out on the long-running interest decline of 2009. Why would lower rates be on the clock? Inflation — finally — may be awakening from a long slumber, and waking up higher mortgage rates with it. Read more»
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