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By sbup StaffInvestors often confuse money market accounts and money market funds for obvious reasons. These two investments have some similarities, but also some key differences. Before you decide which one is right for your investment portfolio, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of these products. Don’t be confused by semantics when making your decisions. Read more»
NEW YORK (AP) — Total money market mutual fund assets rose $9.42 billion to $3.888 trillion for the week, the Investment Company Institute said Thursday. Read more»
By sbup Staff In the last 16 months, the average interest rate on money market accounts (MMAs) has dropped from more than 3% down to its current average of 0.59%, according to sbup's Rate Index. But that hasn't scared away depositors. Read more»
By Peter McDougall, sbup When the price of gas at the pump was over $4 last summer, consumers did whatever they could to cut back on driving: They carpooled, biked to work and switched to public transportation. Now that gas is at a four-year low, however, you may be slipping back into your old driving habits. Instead, consider regaining your mid-summer, fuel-conscious ways and put the money you save into a money market account (MMA). Read more»
Interbank lending rates ease
By: Staff
LONDON (AP) - The cost of short-term dollar loans between banks eased Monday as central bank actions to loosen credit markets continued to have an effect. Read more»
By Philip Van Doorn from Commercial real estate and construction loan default rates are on the rise, presenting a new problem area for an already reeling banking sector.This is the first of a two-part look at banks that could suffer from their exposure to nonperforming commercial real estate and construction loans. Part II looked at smaller banks. Read more»
WASHINGTON (AP) _ The government is extending a program to bolster the money-market mutual fund industry.The Treasury Department on Monday said the program, which provides guarantees for the popular investment products, will now run until April 30. The temporary program had been slated to expire on Dec. 18.  The department said it is taking the action "to support ongoing stability in this market."  Read more»
Scrimp on 401(k) Now, Pay Dearly Later
By: Staff
Halting contributions to your 401(k) plan in tough times can add up to tens of thousands of dollars when you retire. Read more»
BankUnited lost nearly a quarter of its capital in the last quarter, weighed down by mortgages that permitted payments below the amount of interest accrued each month.South Florida Business Journal - by Brian Bandell  Read more»
U.S. Government Unveils Sweeping Citigroup Rescue
By: Staff
The plan includes taking a $20 billion stake in the firm as well as guaranteeing up to $306 billion of risky loans and securities.Updated from 3:33 a.m. EST  By Jeannine Aversa from The Associated Press Read more»
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