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Ever wonder what would happen if one of your mutual funds all of a sudden went out of business?While only a small percentage of funds are “liquidated” or merged into other funds every year, it’s a major headache for investors involved when it does happen. They often have to deal with messy tax calculations, as well as deciding how to reinvest their money.This year the problem may be worse than ever. Read more»
Come January, a longstanding rule that has prevented many people from enjoying the benefits of Roth IRAs will be lifted. Anyone, regardless of income, will be able to convert a traditional IRA into a Roth, allowing investments to grow tax-free.This option is worth thinking about now, because you may have to come up with a substantial chunk of cash to pay taxes triggered by the conversion. Read more»
Investors are routinely told to scour their portfolios for losers to sell late in the year, in time to harvest tax losses to offset gains and income.But what if your loser is ready for a comeback? Can you sell it to get the tax loss and then buy it back to enjoy the rebound? Read more»
Sure, sure, you've heard it before: Smart stock market investors hang on. They resist the temptation to bail out when the market is down or to cash in and live high when the market is up.Trying to “time” the market, or move money in at the low points and out at the high ones, is too risky for amateurs, who are likely to get the timing wrong.But what actually happens to people who do this? Read more»
Pssst... Want to make 4.4%, guaranteed? That sounds pretty good in this time of low interest rates. According to surveys, money market accounts average just 0.44%, savings accounts 0.232% and one-year certificates of deposit only 1.141%. Read more»
The latest figures show the rate of job losses at its lowest level in a year. The housing market is perking up. The stock market’s been on a tear since March. So is it time to move cash from the sidelines into stocks? That’s a trick question. Most experts say individual investors preparing for retirement and other long-term goals should stay in the market all the time. Read more»
Deals of the Week: August 12
By: Brian O'Connell
It’s back to meat-and-potatoes this week, with some surprisingly good rates out there in a tough consumer banking environment.The deals this week? Let’s focus on old perennials like certificates of deposit, money markets and bank savings accounts.CDs Read more»
Almost everyone needs a lump of cash sometime, whether to buy a car, pay college tuition, make a down payment on a house or pay off a pile of bills or credit card debt. But many investors overlook one of the best and least-expensive sources: "borrowing on margin” and using stocks, bonds or mutual funds as collateral. Read more»
How much tax should you pay on reinvested capital gains distributions from your mutual funds? Nothing. At least that’s the idea behind a bill introduced in July to the U.S. House. Investors would not be taxed until they sold the fund shares bought with the distributions. But just in case the bill doesn’t pass – similar ones have stalled in committee in recent years – you can take some steps to minimize this tax on your own. Read more»
The Associated PressWhat's a strategy for investing now? Many advisers are saying it is time to put aside the fear and reinvest some of that sidelined cash. Consider the fact that from its bottom on June 9, the S&P 500 is now priced 48% higher — hovering around 990 on Friday. While that opportunity has passed, but no worries, some market watchers are predicting the index will only continue to climb as the economy continues to strengthen. Read more»
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