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And the winner is ... well, it looks like a draw. At least that’s the conclusion reached by a new study of the long-running debate over active and passive mutual funds. FundQuest, a firm that provides services to investment advisers, brokers and other financial services companies, looked at 30,000 mutual funds in 73 categories during the 30 years ended Feb. 28. Read more»
Q: I have several thousand dollars I’d like to park for a few months. I know bank rates are low right now, but I’ll take the safety of bank deposit accounts over the stock market. I’m thinking of ether a certificate of deposit or a money market account. Any ideas? – B.R. Sharpe, Atlanta Read more»
The Associated Press Read more»
The Securities and Exchange Commission has adopted new rules to make money market mutual funds safer, responding to a “breaking-the-buck” incident that roiled markets in September 2008, leaving many investors worrying about whether their money was safe. Read more»
Every investor knows the basic goal is to buy low and sell high. But a recent study by discount-broker Charles Schwab (Stock Quote: SCHW) underscores how “bargain” stocks can disappoint. Read more»
In one of the Back to the Future movies the villain goes back in time to deliver a book of sports scores to his younger self, who makes a fortune betting on games. Every investor wishes he’d known then what he knows now. Read more»
Gov't Abandons Bush Era Investment Rules
By: The Associated Press
By David Pitt, AP Personal Finance Writer DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The federal government has decided to abandon a Bush administration plan that would have permitted mutual fund companies and brokerage firms to offer investment advice to 401(k) customers. The rule would have allowed financial advisers, who work with mutual fund companies and brokerages to sell investment products, to provide investment advice to 401(k) and individual retirement account customers. Read more»
By Mark Jewell, AP Personal Finance Writer BOSTON (AP) — The U.S. Supreme Court is taking a close look at a question individual investors have long asked about their mutual funds, but the courts have largely ignored: Why am I getting charged twice as much as big institutional clients? Read more»
Legendary investor Warren Buffett is doing something he’s always avoided — splitting shares of his beloved Berkshire Hathaway (Stock Quote: BRK.B). Each current share will be turned into 50. Read more»
The problem: You just don’t have time, the inclination or financial experience to manage your retirement investments on your own. Read more»
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