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China Cuts Interest Rates to Boost Growth
By: Staff
China slashed a key interest rate for the fourth time in three months in a new move to boost slowing economic growth.  BEIJING (AP) -- China slashed a key interest rate for the fourth time in three months on Wednesday in a new move to boost credit as Beijing launches a multibillion-dollar package to bolster slowing economic growth.   Read more»
WASHINGTON (AP) _ The radical shift in the focus of the $700 billion economic bailout package led one senator Wednesday to question what the young prosecutor tapped to be the program's inspector general will be investigating.By JOHN DUNBAR  Associated Press Writer  Read more»
The Strongest Banks Out There
By: Staff
Each quarter, Ratings publishes financial-strength ratings for the nation's approximately 8,500 banks and thrifts. As one might expect, the ratings for many institutions have drifted downward over the past year. You can look up your institution's rating, free of charge, using the Banks and Thrifts Screener. By Philip van Doorn  Read more»
How to Keep Overdraft Fees in Check
By: Staff
Overdraft protection seems like such a good idea. Who wants the embarrassment that comes with bouncing a check?But one overdraft can quickly escalate into huge fees. Besides, those pesky bounced checks aren't even the worst culprits. Debit cards are. Read more»
The Best High-Interest Checking Accounts
By: Staff
You're not going to make a mint. But unless you have a compelling reason to keep your on-demand cash parked elsewhere, you might as well earn something off the money in your checking account.Believe it or not, it's possible. Some banking institutions offer high-interest checking accounts. High interest, of course, is all relative. Read more»
I'm not a deadbeat -- but sometimes my bank treats me like one. I pay the family bills on time and have good credit. Once in a while, though, I'm overwhelmed by the demands of work and family. The checking account balance, understandably, falls off my radar screen. Like last week when I overdrew our checking account. My bad. I admit it. Read more»
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