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Citi Customers Angry About Gov't Plans
By: Staff
By Erin Conroy and Sara Lepro AP Business Writers The sight of a Citibank logo makes Rumi Turkel cringe. She's seen her banking fees climb, and found out Tuesday that interest rates on her savings accounts have fallen again. That's not to mention the substantial amount of money she says her family has lost from owning stock in the bank's parent company, Citigroup Inc. Read more»
Debit v. Credit: What You Need to Know
By: Staff
By Farnoosh Torabi, MainStreet"Credit or debit?" asks the cashier.  There should be a reason behind your answer, depending on your money situation. Read more»
Bernanke Again Spurns Talk of Bank Nationalization
By: Staff
By JEANNINE AVERSA AP Economics Writer WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Wednesday again spurned speculation that the government may nationalize Citigroup or other big banks. Read more»
How to Choose the Best Checking Account
By: Staff
By Staff Writers Some people put more thought into the design on their checks than choosing a checking account. Yes, having Hello Kitty on your hot pink rent check rocks, but your checking account should be about more than color coordination. It should be about saving your green. Read more»
By BEN FELLER Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House on Friday insisted it's not trying to take over two ailing financial institutions, even as stocks tumbled again. Read more»
Regulators Pledge to Shore up Banks
By: Staff
By JEANNINE AVERSA AP Economics WriterWASHINGTON (AP) — Federal regulators said Monday they will launch a revamped program to shore up the nation's troubled banks that includes the option of increasing government ownership in financial institutions.   Read more»
By Jim CramerBack on December 22, I went on “Mad Money” and said that banks that benefited from the $750 billion federal bailout should step out of hiding and “show me the money.”I was plenty ticked off that banks took the TARP money and clammed up about how they were using it. Read more»
Get 78 Bucks Back from Bank of America
By: Staff
By M. Gwertzman, sbupIf you’ve been socked with one of those pesky overdraft fees on your Bank of America account over the last few years, you might be getting some cash back under a proposed settlement. Read more»
By sbup Staff Consumers want to get the most out of their money these days. One way to get more bang for your bucks is to pay less for deposit accounts that offer little or no interest, and to bank smartly to avoid those obnoxious fees and charges. Read more»
By sbup Staff Many consumers want their money to earn as much interest as possible when deposited in an account. That's fine if you are deciding where to keep your emergency fund, but not if it's money used to pay monthly bills. Read more»
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