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Mild Ride: Drive a Golf Cart!
By: Brian O'Connell
Are drivers ditching their cars for one of those battery-powered golf carts? The answer? Well, yes and no. Read more»
It’s a double-whammy. With Congress haggling over health care “reform” and the economy putting millions out of work, more and more states are moving to keep young adults on family health care plans. Is that a better option than having your 25-year-old son or daughter buy his or her own individual policy? Read more»
It seems like a deal that’s too good to be true: Pay premiums on your term-life insurance policy, then get them all back if you don’t die during the 10, 20 or 30 years you are covered. It’s like getting insurance for free. Read more»
Debunking 4 Life Insurance Myths
By: Brian O'Connell
Life settlements are gaining in popularity, but critics are taking a sledgehammer to these controversial life insurance products. Are they right – or should they be debunked? sbup studies the landscape and separates myth from fact. Read more»
WASHINGTON (TheStreet) -- The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. seems poised to hurt small, healthy banks in an effort to keep small, sickly ones alive. Read more»
Thousands of college students are sidelined with swine flu, a rotten way to start a semester that should be full of football games, parties and, oh yeah, learning. Many sick students are being quarantined in their rooms or special dorms, and they should be back in class in a week or two. But some will lose the semester, and a lot of money for tuition, room and board. Read more»
People usually aren’t clear and focused when they file an insurance claim. And who can blame them? The claim usually follows a bad incident, like an accident or a flood. But you can make some serious mistakes, and lose out on some big money, if you say the wrong thing to an insurance company on a claim call. Read more»
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate health committee cast a milestone vote Wednesday to approve legislation expanding insurance coverage to nearly all Americans, becoming the first congressional panel to act on President Barack Obama's top domestic priority. Read more»
Politics is a funny business. Both the President and some of Washington’s other leading figures have bemoaned the spending culture and called for Americans to starts saving again. So why go after one of the consumer health care industry’s best ways to help consumers save money? Read more»
Talking British geckos are having a field day making hay in the car insurance market, but the ads do have a point: you can save money on your car insurance rates, but not just in the ways that silver-tongued lizards would have you believe. Read more»
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