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Disability insurance was long thought to be an entitlement in both the public and private employment sector. But not any more. Studies show that employers are increasingly less likely to include disability insurance in employee benefit packages — leaving more and more workers on their own. Read more»
If you like getting the hard sell from casual acquaintances, distant relatives, old college buddies or parents of your kid’s Little League teammates, here’s some good news: the life insurance industry is building up its sales force. Read more»
Thankfully, auto insurance rates are one area where customers can get a pretty good deal these days. But can the same be said for customers driving Toyota vehicles that are tapped for a safety recall? The fact is, claims will be made. The good news is that Toyota (Stock Quote: TM) should pick up the tab. Read more»
Car owners don’t think twice about it — they regularly hand their car keys over to valets, parking lot attendants, mechanics and car wash staffers. But what happens if a stranger damages your vehicle? There really aren’t any statistics on how many drivers allow strangers to take the wheel of their vehicles. Or maybe they’re not strangers. Read more»
Insurance companies usually don’t poke around the inside of your home when they write up your home insurance policy. But that could be changing, as insurers increasingly cite “hoarding” risks that cause people to trip over your stuffed animal collection or start home fires from flammable materials lying around the house. Read more»
Lost your job? It’s a lousy way to start the New Year, but there’s a bit of good news: the federal government will pay 65% of the cost of continuing the health insurance plan you had with your former employer, and the subsidy now lasts 15 months instead of nine. But be sure to get the ball rolling soon, as the application period expires at the end of February. Read more»
A new year, new rules and maybe even a new health care system. What does it mean for world-weary consumers, especially before year-end? Read more»
Insurance companies using credit scores to determine whether a customer “fits the bill” is just another byproduct of the Great Recession – but it is one consumers have to prepare for. So let’s take a look at what insurers look for in their credit score calculations – and what consumers can do to win the credit score battle. Read more»
There’s a lot more to getting the best auto insurance deals than listening to talking geckos. Knowing the ropes — especially the secret deals you can cut with insurers for your business — is all in the details. Read more»
You insure your home against fire and other calamities. Wouldn’t it be great if you could insure against a loss in value? Read more»
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