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Consumers looking for new insurance options may want to check out a database from the Missouri Department of Insurance that catalogs consumer feedback on insurance companies, both big and small. No doubt, the site’s “complaint index” likely won’t be greeted as good news by some insurers. Read more»
Millions of Americans have already seen the television ad from Travelers Insurance (Stock Quote: TRV) called “Driving Your House” where a man driving his house through the desert loses control of the “vehicle” and sends his lifetime belongings scattered to the four winds. Read more»
It’s time for those hazy, lazy, crazy days of summer again. But if you’re thinking of backing out of that flight to New Orleans, or that beachfront hotel along the Gulf of Mexico, travel insurers likely won’t have your back. Read more»
Sometimes it seems that health insurance companies go out of their way to reject medical care claims. That’s no accident — the fewer treatments, the less a health insurer must pay. But if you’re denied on an insurance claim, you do have some recourse — and that recourse should get stronger in September when new changes to health care law take effect. Read more»
Q: I missed my last car insurance payment deadline by a few days, so it goes down as a late payment. It was my fault, but imagine my surprise when my car insurance was canceled and I had to open a new policy (with the same company) with much higher monthly payments. What’s up with that? — J. Dessauer, Chicago Read more»
The provision in the health reform bill that guarantees coverage for young family members who are 26-and-under doesn’t kick in until Sept. 23. In the meantime, insurers are free to “kick” young family members off their parents' health insurance plans. Read more»
It’s hardly a secret that insurers are willing to give owners of hybrid and other fuel-efficient cars a break on car insurance. But are they taking the same green path on home insurance? It sure looks that way. Read more»
Have the ashes from the recent Iceland volcano eruption clouded your travel plans? Granted, being stuck in an airport in Amsterdam or Dublin isn’t the worst thing in the world, especially if you’re young, cash-liquid and aren’t pressed for time getting back to the U.S. Read more»
6 Tips for Choosing Homeowners Insurance
By: The Associated Press
By David Pitt, AP Personal Finance Writer DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Time is running out. Homebuyers must sign a contract by the end of next week to take advantage of federal tax incentives. In the rush to make a deal, one detail that they'll need to weigh carefully is securing the appropriate insurance to protect their investment. Keep in mind these basics when thinking about homeowners insurance coverage: 1. Determine how much. Read more»
Here’s a question for homebuyers: can you shop for the lowest closing costs on the market? One consumer advocate certainly thinks so. His name is Timothy Dwyer and he’s on a mission to convince new homebuyers that you don’t have to be a prisoner of high closing costs. Read more»
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