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NEW YORK (MainStreet) — When money gets tight, consumers tend to focus on immediate needs like housing, food and clothing, often pushing other vital issues to the back burner. Case in point: life insurance. Read more»
Sell Your Unneeded Life Insurance
By: Jeff Brown
NEW YORK (sbup) — What do you do with a life insurance policy you no longer need? The quick answer: turn it in for its cash value or just let it lapse so you can stop paying premiums. Read more»
Share Your 'Driving Footprint' for Lower Insurance
By: Brian O'Connell
  Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) – If you’re a driver with decent credit, your mailbox will regularly contain car insurance offers promising to beat the other guy. Read more»
Partying is part of the holiday season – a big part. And, as everyone knows, alcohol is a big factor in car wrecks and other mishaps. So how liable would you be if one of your guests has an accident? Read more»
Health insurance rates are rising all over, but none are rising more than those for long-term care. Projected costs in 2011 are set to rise by about 5%, and they will continue to rise through the rest of this decade. What can you do to keep your options open down the road? You can buy some low-cost LTC insurance now, for starters. Read more»
Don't Buy Add-On Insurance
By: Brian O'Connell
Car rental companies make a ton of dough on add-ons like rental and travel insurance, but consumers might as well throw their money out the car window for all the good insurance does for them. That’s the view from the Consumer Federation of America, which is out with a new report stating that any add-on insurance is a waste of money. Read more»
If you’re lucky enough to have health insurance at work, keep an eye out for notices of the “open enrollment” period, a chance to change policy options for the coming year. At most firms, open enrollment periods are in November or December. Miss the deadline and you’ll probably have to stick with your current plan for the next year. You might end up paying more than you need to, or not getting the type of coverage that suits you and any dependents. Read more»
Anyone who has bought a home likely forked over for title insurance without having a clear idea what it’s for simply because the mortgage lender required it. But what if you buy a home with cash, as many people do when they downsize at retirement? Should you get title insurance if it isn’t required? In most cases, yes. Read more»
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