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The heady days of the housing bubble are gone, but it still might make financial sense to downsize your McMansion. In part one of this two-part series, we spelled out the costs you can expect to incur if you trade down to a smaller home. Now let's look at the potential benefits. Read more»
Unemployment is up, and economists are worried that our economy is headed for -- or, perhaps already in -- a recession. Many Americans are looking for ways to tighten their belts. One way to do that is to unload the big homes they bought during the housing bubble. Should you consider downsizing? Read more»
How to Get an Even Better Deal on a Home
By: manybanking.com Staff
Anyone looking to make an even better deal in the tanking real estate market should consider buying a home that's for sale by owner (FSBO).   Read more»
Your House Isn't the Cash Cow It Once Was
By: manybanking.com Staff
Do you think of your home as a potential cash cow?   Read more»
Your Home Not Selling? Swap It
By: manybanking.com Staff
Can't sell your home? Then trade it. For those who are stuck with a house that just won't move in the current market, an extreme option is emerging: swapping the property with a seller in same position. Home swapping, a practice that has appealed to vacationers for decades, is now being pitched as a strategy for unloading a house for good, especially at a time when buyers are hard to find. Read more»
Steve Strauss wrote the bible on small biz. Literally. In addition to authoring The Small Business Bible, he runs MrAllBiz.com and is a featured columnist for USA Today. He's been studying, writing and speaking about how to grow a successful small business all his life, so email him with whatever leaves you stumped.   Read more»
Amid the troubles at banks of all sizes, this is a good time to review how deposit insurance works at banks, savings and loans and credit unions.   Read more»
A Profit Shrivels Amid the Housing Blowup
By: manybanking.com Staff
The subprime mortgage crisis that dragged the country's housing market down this year hit our family's pocketbook in a big way.  How big?   Read more»
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