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By sbup StaffWith interest rates low, many homeowners are considering refinancing their mortgages these days. But even if you have excellent credit and plenty of equity, there might be one last obstacle to overcome: your home equity loan. Read more»
Remodel Your Home, Get a Tax Credit
By: manybanking.com Staff
By John Morell, TheStreet.comIf you can't afford to sell your home and you've got money set aside for remodeling, there's good news for you, thanks to the Feds. The massive Recovery and Reinvestment Act signed by the president this month to help boost the economy contains tax credits that can benefit your 2009 or 2010 returns. Read more»
Is Your Home Equity Line of Credit Safe?
By: manybanking.com Staff
By Peter McDougall, sbupMany lenders are freezing home equity lines of credit, or HELOCs, even those that remain unused. Declining home values and an uncertain economic outlook are making financial institutions tighten their purse strings. Read more»
HELOC Annual Fee Can Make Sense
By: manybanking.com Staff
By sbup Staff Fees can make an otherwise affordable loan expensive. But some fees, such as the annual maintenance fee charged on a home equity line of credit (HELOC), can actually lower the costs of your loan, depending on how you intend to use your HELOC. Read more»
By sbup Staff A home equity line of credit (HELOC) can provide the financial flexibility you need to overcome unexpected challenges. Here are five tips to consider when shopping around for your next HELOC. Read more»
By sbup Staff Too much debt and not enough saving helped put us in the current recession. If you are struggling to make ends meet, now is the ideal time to change the way you run your finances so debts do not pile up.The first step is to sort out your spending. Read more»
Five Tips for Borrowing From Home Equity
By: manybanking.com Staff
By Peter McDougall- manybanking.com Home prices have fallen and lending restrictions have tightened up -- but there are still times when dipping into your home equity is the right move.Before you treat your home like a glorified ATM, by borrowing against its value, consider these five tips. 1. Have a Good Reason Read more»
How Much Home Can You Afford?
By: manybanking.com Staff
By manybanking.com staff Aggressive lending practices certainly contributed heavily to the recent subprime-mortgage crisis.But uninformed borrowers who didn't know how much home they could afford ended up putting themselves in financial jeopardy. You owe it to yourself not to make the same mistake. Read more»
By J.W. ELPHINSTONE- AP Real Estate Writer Park Avenue property owners are feeling a little poorer.In what seemed like a New York-minute, prices of luxury homes in the area suddenly started to fall. One penthouse owner on Central Park West repeatedly slashed the asking price down to $9.9 million from an original $16.5 million - and still no takers. Read more»
Economy shrinking, home prices dropping
By: manybanking.com Staff
WASHINGTON (AP) _ The economy shrank more than expected in the third quarter and home prices fell to levels not seen since early 2004 as the government announced new plans to provide $800 billion to boost consumer spending and home buying.By Alan Zibel from The Associated Press Read more»
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