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Is a Home Equity Loan Right For You?
By: manybanking.com Staff
If you are in need of some extra cash, you may be considering a home equity loan. In this tight lending environment, however, it’s more important than ever to make wise borrowing decisions. A home equity loan may be right for some, but for others it can be inadvisable. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you apply for a home equity loan: Read more»
Whether you’re planning to sell your house in the next few years or you’re in it for long haul, if you’re thinking about renovating, it pays to put serious thought into which improvements to do. Since home values have plummeted (and may fall further still), you’ll want to be sure that any work you put into your place will provide a reliable return on investment. Read more»
Your Guide to HELOC Fees
By: manybanking.com Staff
Unlike home equity loans, which typically require closing fees similar to a primary mortgage, there are often no closing fees with a home equity line of credit (HELOC). A home equity line of credit allows you to access a certain amount of your home equity on an as needed basis, much like a credit card. Read more»
Should You Prepay Your Home Equity Loan?
By: manybanking.com Staff
If you have an outstanding home equity loan, you may be considering paying off that debt in this troubling economy. In tough economic times, it’s always wise to look at ways of de-leveraging. But paying off mortgage debt isn’t always a black and white issue. Read more»
With millions of Americans seeing their home equity lines cut or closed, it seems that consumers have no recourse. But a lawsuit against one U.S. bank may turn the tide. Read more»
The constant threat of rising energy prices and ever-growing concerns about the environment has caused many homeowners to investigate alternative energy systems for their home. Solar, wind and geothermal energy are leading the pack as sources of renewable energy for individual homeowners. These systems offer homeowners the opportunity to produce and consume their own energy while diminishing their impact on the environment. Read more»
Is Your Home Still an Investment?
By: manybanking.com Staff
By Jeff Brown The housing collapse may be bottoming out, with buyers moving back into some of the hardest-hit markets. Read more»
Quick Fixes to Boost Your Home’s Value
By: manybanking.com Staff
By manybanking.com Staff Selling your home in the current housing market is no picnic. Housing prices have fallen so much that you’ll be lucky to break even if you bought in recent years. Those who are looking to buy are also looking to get a bargain. To squeeze the most value out of your home you have to present your home at its best. Read more»
By manybanking.com StaffA Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) can be a useful financing tool. It works essentially like a credit card with your home as collateral. Rates are often lower than credit cards and credit limits are often higher. Read more»
Using Home Equity to Finance Renovations
By: manybanking.com Staff
By manybanking.com StaffIf you don’t have the cash to finance a home renovation, cashing in on your home equity is a solid option. Read more»
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