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“What’s your number?” In the past few years the question has become a popular way of thinking about funding retirement, and it’s even featured in ING bank’s (Stock Quote: ING) ad campaign. But it’s not completely clear what the number includes. Is it retirement savings? Your total net worth? Or something else? One of the key questions is, How does your home fit in? Read more»
A home equity line of credit, or HELOC, can provide quick access to cash at low interest rates. But the homeowner’s money management plans can unravel if the lender freezes the credit line. Can they really do that? Read more»
Here’s an intriguing idea: A bill in Congress would enable homeowners to become only partial owners of their homes to reduce their monthly mortgage payments. The downside? Well, it would mean giving up some or all of the equity in their houses. Read more»
The federal government is trying to make life a little easier for seniors by trimming fees on reverse mortgages, a way of converting home equity into cash. But that raises a broader question: Where does your home equity fit into your retirement plans? Read more»
No matter how often you change the oil, flush the radiator or replace the hoses and belts, eventually your ride will go to car heaven – or an owner more patient with hassles. With new car prices averaging around $30,000, you may have to borrow to stay on the road. Read more»
It’s a simple idea: Borrow against your home to renovate, pay off credit cards, send a child to college or build up a rainy-day fund. But getting a home equity loan can be especially challenging today and lenders are worrying more than ever about getting paid back. Read more»
If you’re thinking about trading up to a bigger home, or moving from renter to homeowner, you’ve probably done a lot of math. sbup has a lineup of calculators that can help. Read more»
Take a look at the current sbup rates survey, and you’ll see something odd: during the past week, all the mortgage rates have gone down and all the home equity rates have gone up. And those home equity rates are a lot higher, all more than 8% or 9%, while the highest mortgage rate, for the 30-year fixed-rate loan, averages about 5.2%. Read more»
There’s a new market developing that guarantees your home value won’t drop — otherwise known as home equity protection. It can be expensive, but it can also help stabilize the value of your home, especially when it’s time to sell. Here’s how home equity protection works, and how to get it. Read more»
Paying for college is a tough proposition these days, as tuition costs rise and financial aid dries up. So here’s an idea. Why not pay for college with a home equity line of credit? At first glance, the benefits are lower cost, flexibility and availability. But does a closer look douse that premise with cold water? Let’s take a look: Read more»
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