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Understanding the Foreclosure Process
By: Staff
Despite efforts to curb the wave of foreclosures sweeping the country, many homeowners are still in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure. Understanding how the foreclosure process works can help you avoid it if you end up having trouble paying your mortgage. There are a number of steps along the way where you can intervene to stop the process and knowledge is power. Read more»
NEW YORK (AP) — The mortgage crisis is spreading and hitting new heights: Borrowers with good credit now make up the largest share of foreclosures as job losses and pay cuts exact their toll. Read more»
Home Equity Loans After Foreclosure
By: Staff
The struggling housing market has led to a wave of foreclosures over the last year or so. The collapse of the subprime market coupled with rising unemployment found many homeowners in properties they could no longer afford. For some, foreclosure actually seems like a relief under the stress of high monthly mortgage payments. Read more»
Senate Votes Down Foreclosure Relief Bill
By: Staff
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate has defeated legislation that would have let hundreds of thousands of debt-ridden homeowners seek mortgage relief in bankruptcy court. Read more»
By Jeff Brown Last winter the Obama administration launched an ambitious Making Home Affordable program to help up to 9 million homeowners avoid foreclosure. But the plan did not address a potential stumbling block: About half of troubled homeowners have second mortgages such as home equity loans. Read more»
Foreclosure Protection for Renters?
By: Staff
By StaffHomeowners haven’t been the only ones hurt by the current housing crisis. The dramatic uptick in foreclosures has also caused many renters to lose their homes. Read more»
Cash-Strapped? Consider an FHA Loan
By: Staff
By Brian O’Connell Current efforts to make it easier for Americans to buy and keep their homes look a lot like a kids’ game of musical chairs. Read more»
By Jeff BrownPresident Obama used a White House event on Thursday to promote his $275 billion Making Home Affordable anti-foreclosure program, and some of the nation’s biggest banks now say they’re open for business. Read more»
3 Key Ways to Stop a Foreclosure
By: Staff
By Brian O’Connell Losing your home to foreclosure is a nightmare that no one should have to experience. Read more»
Foreclosure Tip: Removing A Squatter
By: Staff
By Carl WinfieldWhen Steve Dexter prepared to buy a foreclosed home recently in California’s San Bernardino County, he went to check out the property firsthand, which is always a good move. Sure enough, Dexter found someone still living in the house despite the foreclosure. But instead of calling the police, Dexter did something different: He went back and told the bank what was going on. Read more»
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