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Economists and real estate experts call it “foreclosure overhang,” and it is one of the big question marks that will determine when the housing market will truly recover. The term refers to the number of foreclosed properties that will wind up on the for-sale market. In the worst case, millions of foreclosed homes offered at fire-sale prices will cause an excess supply that will dampen prices for years to come. Read more»
In the past few years, unique items that have appeared on the eBay auction block include a grill cheese sandwich with the image of the Virgin Mary; a vampire killing kit; an air guitar, and even a Saginaw, Mich., home that sold for $1.75. It’s the last item that resonates with what Lee County, Fla., is doing on in an eBay-like fashion — selling foreclosed houses online. Read more»
How to Find a Fixer-Upper
By: Brian O'Connell
No doubt about it, great real estate bargains are out there these days – but there’s more to cutting the best deal on a distressed home than meets the eye – and the pocketbook. With one-third of all home sales coming from the foreclosed property market, it’s time to get smart about getting the best deals. Read more»
Housing Bottom: Are We There Yet?
By: Brian O'Connell
Millions of homeowners across the country are hanging on for dear life, making their monthly payments and hoping and praying that the value of their homes – once thought to be akin to a virtual retirement account – will rebound from historic lows. Read more»
You have to be a real mortgage-market fan to know this term: cure rate. It has popped up in news stories this week reporting on the declining percentage of borrowers who are catching up on payments after falling behind. It’s an important figure, because it shows that, despite some recent good news, the home market still has lots of problems. Read more»
What's the Hold-Up on Housing Aid?
By: The Associated Press
By Alan Zibel, AP Real Estate Writer Read more»
By Jonathan J. Cooper, Associated Press Writer Read more»
For three months running, government data shows that adjustable rate mortgages, also known as Option ARMs, have supplanted sub-prime mortgages as the biggest driver of home foreclosures. Why option ARMS – and what can ARM consumers do to get out of their mortgages? Read more»
WASHINGTON (AP) — Relentlessly rising unemployment is triggering more home foreclosures, threatening the Obama administration's efforts to end the housing crisis and diminishing hopes the economy will rebound with vigor.In past recessions, the housing industry helped get the economy back on track. Home builders ramped up production, expecting buyers to take advantage of lower prices and jump into the market. But not this time. Read more»
The foreclosure crisis that’s swept the nation over the last year or so has yet to abate despite efforts by the Obama administration, but there are some signs of improvement. Read more»
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