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NEW YORK (sbup) -- Back in the early days of computer research, it was a widely held belief of those pioneers at Bell Laboratories that it wouldn't be long before a computer was able to match (specifically resemble) the human brain. All these decades later, that's not quite the direction in which computer science (and brute computer memory power) has gone. Read more»
Bank Lending Freeze Is Thawing for Business Owners
By: Brian O'Connell
 NEW YORK (sbup) -- U.S. small business owners may not appreciate President Obama crediting government –- and not entrepreneurs –- for creating successful businesses, but at least there’s one silver lining these days.  Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) -- Where do global financial consumers stand right now? What financial products are they using most? Is online finance permanently replacing the bank branch? If you're interested in answers to these questions, consider a study from Nielson's -- best known for ranking television programs --that shows a huge rise in global credit and debit card usage, and a similar upward spike in online banking.  Read more»
Consumers Paying Down Debt Despite Sluggish Economy
By: Brian O'Connell
NEW YORK (sbup) -- It looks like Americans are starting to get ahead on their bills, according to a new study from The American Bankers Association, but the improving consumer debt picture comes just as the American economy shows signs of slowing. Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) -- If banks and consumers use a new think tank analysis as a baseline to measure the impact of Dodd-Frank, they'll find plenty of reason to wish the financial reform was never enacted by Congress. Read more»
Sallie Mae Changes Card Partners: Bigger Rewards?
By: Brian O'Connell
NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Sallie Mae (Stock Quote: SLM), the nation's leading college financing provider, has changed dance partners on its credit card program, and consumers may want to an answer to that age-old question: "What's in it for me?" Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — It’s been two years since the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill was passed, and one of its key provisions – the so-called “Durbin Amendment” that sought to lower the costs of debit card interchange fees for merchants – is still controversial. Read more»
Where the World's Strongest Banks Are: Not the U.S., Not Europe
By: Brian O'Connell
NEW YORK (sbup) -- Want to know where the world's strongest banks are located? Don't look to the U.S. or Europe. Not even one U.S. bank made the cut of the world's strongest financial institutions in an analysis conducted by Jupiter, Fla.-based Weiss Ratings. Read more»
Uncle Sam Investigating 'Predatory' Payday Loans
By: Brian O'Connell
NEW YORK (sbup) --  The U.S. government is launching an investigation, run by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, of payday loans. High-interest payday loans are a burr under the saddle of consumer advocates who are finally getting their wish granted that payday lenders become a federal target.   Read more»
Banks Could Lose Entire Generation of Mobile Clients
By: Brian O'Connell
NEW YORK (Mainstreet) -- Consumers view one potential mobile wallet provider in high regard -- eight of ten would use the service if available. However, it's not a bank with which consumers are ready to go mobile with spending and payments. Read more»
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