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By Candice Choi, AP Personal Finance Writer NEW YORK (AP) — It's meant to jolt borrowers from the complacency of debt: A new credit card statement that spells out the price of making only minimum payments. Yet the shock factor may be lost on the growing number of cardholders who bank online and no longer check their paper statements. Read more»
Question: I know that a lot of the credit card rules are about to change. At the same time, I’m interested in switching to a lower-interest credit card. Should I do that now — or wait for the new rules to kick in? — L. Strouse, Chalfont, PA Read more»
It can drive a parent crazy: a child getting a credit card without permission and racking up an enormous bill. Read more»
Anyone who has been late on a student loan might be familiar with the term "forbearance" — it’s how borrowers can borrow time to pay back their loans if they get into tough financial straits. But now credit card companies are getting into the forbearance act. Here’s the deal — and how consumers can get into the act. Read more»
Talk about procrastination. Millions of Americans sign up for services that, sooner or later, they forget they have and don’t even want. It could be a magazine or Web subscription, a trial membership in a club or association, or even a “beer of the month club” (OK, that one has merit). Read more»
The Debt Collection Robin Hood
By: Brian O'Connell
Here’s the story of one fed-up consumer who learned how to hit collection agencies where they hurt most — in the pocketbook. It’s all about catching creditors when they make a mistake, usually in aggressive bill collecting mode. Read more»
If you’re like most Americans, Feb. 22 will be a lot like any other Monday. You’ll get up, maybe feed the kids and get them off to school, or just don your coat, grab your briefcase and trudge off to work. Read more»
The U.S. is a world leader in a lot of areas — areas as diverse as military affairs and charitable giving. But one crown Uncle Sam may not want to wear is for the most credit card debt in the world. Here’s how we stack up with the rest of the world, along with some other fresh signs that U.S. consumers are a long way away from cleaning up their plastic problems. Read more»
No doubt about it, some debts are worse than others. A collegiate student loan, for example, can pay off with a fulfilling, high-salary job down the road. That’s good debt. But a credit card shopping spree at the local mall is forgotten within a week — save for the big bill you’ll get at the end of the month. That’s bad debt. Read more»
Deals of the Week: Feb. 3
By: Brian O'Connell
Foraging for decent bank deals these days is like panning for gold in your bathtub — it passes the time but you’ll be more disappointed going out than you were going in. Read more»
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