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Bank customers are fed up with fees, so much so that the fee issue is the biggest reason that customers distrust banks. As more banks learn that trust – and not price –drives business and profits, look for more financial institutions to implement relationship marketing programs that might “set the stage” for easier management of bank-related fees. Read more»
It seems like everyone loves to hate credit card companies, but some firms are more unpopular than others, and the industry as a whole faces a distrusting public. Read more»
Uncle Sam isn’t finished telling banks how to limit overdraft abuses. Now it’s the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation doling out new rules to banks , who increasingly find themselves in a corner when it comes to overdraft practices. Read more»
At first glance, it looks like a life saver for a credit card customer with a burdensome balance: a chance to move the debt to another card that charges little to no interest. But balance-transfer fees went up the past year, and other pitfalls await the unwary. Read more»
Credit card users love their rewards programs. After all, who doesn’t love a good interest rate and discounts on things like airfares and hotels? But now cash-only consumers have reason to hate these programs: they’re costing them serious money. Read more»
Next time you check in to a hotel, watch your wallet. In a 2010 study measuring 218 data breaches in 24 countries, data security firm SpiderLabs linked 38% of all corporate network security breaches to the hotel industry. The financial services industry was next in line with 19% of all network security breaches, followed by the retail (14%) and food and beverage (12%) sectors. Read more»
By Eileen A.J. Connelly, AP Personal Finance Writer NEW YORK (AP) — The benefits of stricter credit card regulations appear to have come without the predicted drawbacks — at least so far. Read more»
Q: I noticed a small fee on my last credit card statement — on a card I rarely use. If I’m reading it right, it says I’m being charged for not using my card. I thought the CARD Act got rid of this type of nonsense?— L. Palmer from Yardley, Pa. A: Well, yes and no. Read more»
Q: I’ve sort of been following the new credit card laws in the news and I know that the bulk of the CARD regulations are already in place. My question is this: How do they help and how can I get the most of the new credit card rules? A: Your timing is good. July marks the final implementation of all of the new Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act regulations. Read more»
NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Last year was a difficult one for credit card customers. Interest rates increased significantly, credit limits were slashed for millions of cardholders, issuers closed risky accounts and rewards were decreased. Many consumers wondered what would happen after the CARD Act and other regulations went into effect this year. Would credit card consumers really benefit? Read more»
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