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Q: "I’ve got a good credit score, a good job, and I always pay my bills on time. But I keep hearing how hard it is to up your credit card limit. With the holidays coming, that’s something I might want to do. Got any ideas?" – T.N., Nashville, Tenn. Read more»
Eileen AJ Connelly, AP Personal Finance WriterNEW YORK (AP) — It's becoming a little bit easier for credit card holders to understand the interest rates and penalty charges they face. That's because regulations that took effect earlier this year are having an impact. But a study released Monday said credit card offers are still far more complicated than a decade ago, which makes it harder for consumers to comparison shop. Read more»
Maybe it’s confusion, or maybe it’s a deliberate run around the rules, but for one reason or another some credit card issuers have been charging customers in ways that defy the spirit of the card law Congress enacted in 2009. Now the Federal Reserve is stepping in to stop them. Read more»
Rewards Points: How to Keep Them
By: Brian O'Connell
There is no shortage of ways for credit card holders to screw up their financial lives, but try a new one on for size. If you don’t pay your bill on time, your credit card company is more likely these days to pull your card rewards points as a penalty, and it’s all perfectly legitimate in the eyes of the federal government. Read more»
Uncle Sam has taken a hard look at the major credit cards, dubbing them “anti-competitive” and initiating a lawsuit against the three largest providers. In a legal rarity, it’s getting some results right away.Some of those results are good, and some could be big trouble. Read more»
Consumer advocates won’t like it, but the evidence is there in black and white: MasterCard (Stock Quote: MA) says its net income will rise 20% in 2010. Read more»
Q: I recently found a new job after a few months of unemployment. I’d like to pay down my credit card debt as fast as I can. I’d used the cards (I have three) to buy groceries and pay some bills, but I’ve run up a few thousand dollars. — B. Santos from Boise, Idaho A: Good for you for finding a new job and wanting to address your credit card debt right off the bat. Read more»
Card issuers have continued to hike rates even with the CARD Act in place. Could the law itself be to blame? Read more»
We’ve all heard nightmare stories of college kids running up huge credit card bills, so how do you make cash available while controlling the purse strings? This fall, there may be some answers. Read more»
Online and mobile-based money management tools are all the rage these days, though some are better than others. One mobile application worth looking into is PNC Bank’s “Virtual Wallet,” which just added new features that may help bank customers avoid making overdraft errors and minimize fees. Read more»
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